A Time Piece

What has a face, two hands but no legs or feet? A time piece or a clock

Time is a fixed entity that is set for a season and is always moving forward. God cannot undo time. God’s purposes are unchangeable and set for a season of salvation as a test to man’s free will. (Hebrews 6:17-18) There is no variation or shifting of shadows for God’s unchangeable plan. All things being possible for God ( Phil 4:13, Matt 19:26) is predicated on a few impossibilities concerning His nature. God cannot lie and therefore He is the plumb-line for the truth to be measured. God exists outside of time. He is the Alpha and Omega. Imagine God holding the ribbon of time, the beginning in one hand to the end in the other. He surveys all of time, simultaneously.

Excepts from a Riddle in a Paradox by RLBrown

“Imagine for a moment that I create a rock so big that it is impossible for Me to pick up. What kind of rock would it be?” The heavenly Father asks Thomas.

Thomas thinks for a moment then stretches out his arms and legs and uses every big word he knows. “Gargantuan, Humongous, Ginormous, Stupendous, Terrifically Cosmic, Super Colossal, Vast, Bigger than the Moon?” Thomas says breathless.

The heavenly Father laughs. Tom likes his laugh.

“Very good, and one more, a bedrock. I called it the bedrock of Truth. My Word is solid and true with no shifting sands or variations. ”  

“So, You cannot lie.”                          

“I cannot,” replied the heavenly Father with a voice that rang true in Thomas’ soul.

Thomas is curious and fascinated at the same time. 

“Is there anything else you can’t do?” Thomas asks.

“Time is a fixed and always moving forward. Time is set for a season for man to examine his freewill. I created time for you.”

“The universe is very dark. Are you afraid of the dark?” 

Sometimes, Thomas is afraid of the dark.  

“I can see like an eagle by day and an owl by night. Light and dark are the same for me. I am always here for you.” The heavenly Father smiles as Thomas grasps His hand.

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