Recovery Steps:

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Forgiveness is the first step toward personal recovery. Forgiveness is for your sake so that you are free of ANTS: Automatic Negative Thinking. (I have written a book called Trouble with ANTS/unpublished as of yet.) The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life. Remember that you may pick up your anger and hurt again. It is a process of letting go and taking steps toward healing.

Use your wits to get rid of stinging ants.

“Witt is an affable creature since he uses his brain. Witt recycles negative thinking by spelling his name. 
The W stands for Wait before spewing angry words. Impossible?  Not with help from the letter- I. 
Inhale by breathing deeply and then exhale swiftly. Breathe again, till you can hold and then slowly let go. Brave breaths take courage and practice to stay angry words.
With your angry words in check, it is time for step three. The following letter is T and it’s time for Taps. Cross your hands, tapping the opposite arm, knee or shoulder. 
The right-hand taps the left side and says, “Hello, mate. Let’s settle down.” The left-hand taps the right side and says, “Yep, we’re better together.”  Tapping back and forth, calms your brain. Sounds silly, I know, but it works. It’s like a hug from a butterfly that sets your mind free to think.
Think of actions that follow the golden rule. Do things that you would like others to do for you. 
Remember, not to throw fits because thinkers use their wits.”
Excerpt from Trouble with ANTS and Witt the Anteater/ (WIP) Copyright RLBROWN

You can find your inner strength when you are at rest. Watchman Nee’s book, Sit, Stand Walk explains the process perfectly. We rest in God’s Word, Stand on His promises, then walk in confidences and speak the God’s Truth.

The next steps also may be difficult. God did not call you to be a doormat. You may have to walk away, repeat the forgiveness process but that doesn’t mean to allow offenses to continually happen. It means stay the course and trust in Jesus.

NOTES: A mind locked into this fight/flight/freeze mode reverts to its natural protective instincts and cannot reason until both sides of the brain are calm. So, when confronted with a stressful, hurtful, sad, annoying situation, it is necessary to use both right and left sides of the brain to reason. Through research and working on applicable methods with my students, I developed a strategy to assist students in troubling times: Witt. WITT is an acronym that helps students remember what to do before, during, or after an emotional outburst. It takes practice to learn how to free your mind to think and not react. Wait, Inhale, Tap, Think.

I developed the idea for this story through research on brain development and breathing techniques for managing emotions. I gained an understanding by working with students and created a hands-on method for younger students to develop coping skills through practice.  Rhonda Brown 

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