One of the hardest things about prayer is trusting your prayers, trusting God to answer your prayers, trusting God’s Word is true for you too, not just for the Bible greats.

Prayer is your weapon. Like the soil loves the tree and gives life to the tree so does prayer give life to your soul. Prayer cradles life whether answered here or there (heaven). (Work in Progress)

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4 thoughts on “Prayer

    1. brontebrown2 Post author

      Maybe the root of the problem is a heart that unanswered prayers have crushed. The answer is a profound surrender of the heart. But the person is still willing to trust. Trusting is the key.


  1. aschmeisser

    Like the soil does love the tree,
    prayers support all those who hurt,
    but it sure seems weird to me
    to compare them to, well, dirt,
    but that’s all right and I’m OK
    with that fruitful metaphor,
    and I’ll go so far’s to say
    that it’s what Jesus came here for.
    He wasn’t no highflown ascetic
    on a meditation mat;
    no, he was something like a beatnik
    and, what’s more, a real cool cat
    who didn’t shy from dirt and grime…
    “You’re filthy, yeah, but you are MINE.’

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