Wales Haiku Journal

Spring issue published in April (submission window: 1 February – 31 March)

Spring issue published in April (submission window: 1 February - 31 March)

1. On gradient winds,
matching a clarion call
Eagles hitch a ride.          
(The howls of March winds)

2. A trim crimson comb
proud strut, surefooted, perched high,
calls to wake the world

3. Twitters, humming beats,
dashing fliers zip around,
swiftest wings, unfurled.           (Hummingbird migration)

4. Romantic at heart
curious, clever
nature's lake builders

habitat framers
charming artisan
Busy Beavers 

5. Rudbeckia titters
Roots stretching in fertile earth
Butterfly frolics.

6. Gramps whispers,
secrets barely reach my ears.
Tranquil woods, I hear.

7. A nibble, a tug-
feel the line, ignore the bug.
Wait, now jerk the hook.
We publish 4 issues a year, with the following submission deadlines for haiku:

Spring issue published in April (submission window: 1 February - 31 March)

Summer issue published July (submission deadline: 1 May - 30 June)

Autumn issue published in October (submission deadline: 1 August - 30 September)

Winter issue published in January (submission deadline: 1 November - 31 December) 

Submitted work should follow these guidelines:

Please send your work to:


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