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Whiptail Journal/ April 1-14, 2022 Submissions. 
kindness ripples and rips through- kindness rips and ripples through
hitch a ride matching a clarion call.  Matching a clarion call hitch a ride
death’s grim triumph of the fallen thirteen. The fallen thirteen, death’s grim triumph. 
a snake is not what I seek, obviously. What I seek, obviously is not a snake. 
Behind the doorway trailing intentions -Trailing intentions behind the doorway.

January 2022 – The Bird Issue!

1. On gradient winds, Eagles hitch a ride, matching a clarion call.

2. A trim crimson comb proud strut, surefooted, perched high, Calls to wake the world

3. Cold, still, frosty white frozen creeks, icicles drip. Cardinals swoop mid-stream.

4. January sky, a pair of fair-weather crows fly its clear blue sheer.

5. Twitters, humming beats, dashing fliers zip around, swiftest wings, unfurled.

Whiptail Journal
Submissions will be accepted
January 1-14: Themed (Birds)
April 1-14: Unthemed
July 1-14: Themed (Personal Transitions, e.g. physical, emotional, spiritual, healing)
October 1-14: Unthemed

Poems will be published on the Whiptail website the following month.
“Write single-lines poems about birds”, the tweet said. How do you do that? It turns out in order to understand this form, we need to look at the foundations of
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