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March 26, 2022

1. Sky looks down on earth
eyes as dark as a new moon,
spring winks at the stars. 

2. Breath the sunlit air,
uproot weeds watered by tears,
freed souls plant anew. (hope or peace)
3.Twitters, humming beats, 
dashing fliers zip around, 
swiftest wings, unfurled.

Others poems to consider

Foretoken of spring
Marsh marigolds in damp fields
Hoverflies delight

Terrestrial tides collide 
rising high, but twice a year.
sun and moon poised.

A morrowless day
arriving on the equinox
perfectly balanced. 

Sugar Moon shines down ( Sugar Moon nearby)
sweet maples release sorghum
as March winds breathe change.

Habitat framers
Curious, Cautious, Clever
As busy as a-
beaver (WIP)

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