whiptail: journal of the single-line poem/ April submission

Individual 3-5 one line poems

kindness ripples and rips through-meanness
hitch a ride matching a clarion call. 
death’s grim triumph of the fallen thirteen
a snake is not what I seek, obviously 
behind the doorway trailing intentions
April 1-14: Unthemed

What to submit:

Individual poems - Please submit 3-5 one-line poems of any variety, including monostich haiku, senryu, one-line tanka, poetic fragments, one-line micropoems, or lyrical lines.
Sequences - Please submit 3 sequences of up to eight single-line poems. Sequences should have a title, should link and shift between each individual poems (or poet, if collaborating), and not have obvious repetition throughout the sequence OR TITLE. Additionally, they should travel. Feel free to submit any format of sequencing you like.
​Poetic images - One-line concrete poetry, and haiga, shahai, and vispo that employ a single-line poem will also be considered. Prose sentences will not. Submit 3-5 in 600 dpi+.
​Submissions of a mix any of the above are welcome up to 5 total.

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