Poetry Pea Submission

Rhonda Brown
1335 Montana Dr, Conway, AR 72034
About Bronte Brown
Thank you for this chance to enter a scifaiku, a very new form for me. 1. (Both in March and September, Equinox is perfectly balanced and shifts on each end to increase light or increase dark.) Sun and moon poised on a morrowless day equinoctial time shift. 1a.celestial bodies poised for a morrowless day. --- 2. (Tornados) Titans clash wrapped in clouded storms EF5 --- 3. Life's vanishing vapor, Thanatos grins. --- 4. habitat framers, clever, charming artisan, busy beavers. -- 5. entering the old haunt time ripples tock, tick, tock-tock-tock,

Submission only, not selected.

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