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2021 Fall Writing Frenzy

The Last Harvest by RL Brown

Wind rustles the leaves. 
Trees shimmer yawning deeply, 

Autumn equinox,
the balance of light and dark,
time juncture converts. 

Turn your face eastward.
Fall moon on the horizon
blazing golden hues.

Extravagant colors!
A migratory birds last song.
Light wanes for evening.

Nature splendor yields 
a harvest of abundance, 
Thankfulness expressed. 

Inner autumn calls,
time to embrace season’s change.
The wind howls for rest.

Light narrows yet shines.
Truth displayed for all to see, 
God’s bountiful grace. 

Rapture of the church 
The last harvest, winter comes.
Weary souls find rest. 
Fall- Credit: Julia Solonina / Unsplash

Pollinizers and their Pollinators

By RL Brown (WC-199) Nonfiction/ Trochaic Tetrameter

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Bumblebees, Honeybees and Wasp
Tiny things that run the world,     	
busy beats, their wings unfurled. 	 
Bumblebees love anther thread		
blooming hues of blue and red. 
Golden pearls spread all about, 
gathered by a little scout.
Pollinizers-Flower Power 
Flower bouquets spread their scent, 
whiffs and swirls at spring’s advent. 
Orchard bees seek apple trees
guided by a fragrant breeze. 
Bees create a honey treat-          	
with lavender so pure and sweet. 

The Butterfly
Dainty things that run the world,    	
silent beats, their wings unfurled.   	
Butterflies from all around
follow scents that hug the ground.
Dancing-feet atop a bloom, 	
search for nectar to consume. 
Pollinizers-Array of Colors
Flower clusters, vivid hues
Yellows, reds but no blues,
Flower seeds secure their worth,
stretch their roots in fertile earth.
Coneflowers, their scattered seeds,
Best paired up with butterfly weeds.          

The Hummingbird
Swiftest things that run the world,
Hums and beats, their wings unfurled.
Hummingbirds need constant fuel.
Scented blooms attract this jewel.
Forward, backward, upside down.
These adept fliers rush around. 
The Beauty of Pollinizers 
Golden flowers brilliant blooms 
Entice birds with shiny plumes.
Blazing Star to Geranium,
Coral Bells to Delphinium.
Flower meadows, patchwork plots,
Scattered seeds in local lots. 

Autumn Breeze by RLBrown

Snuggled in a blanket, 
thick socks warm my toes. 
Hot latte melts my insides. 
Fall breeze tickles my nose. 

Hay bales decorate storefronts 
with scarecrows and pumpkins. 
Overalls adorn with autumn hues, 
"Hello, country bumpkins."

It’s a crisp autumn day, 
lacking yesterday's heat 
Parade begins. Fair Food!
Time for a delicious treat.  
ACHOO - Achoo- ACH...

A visit to the pumpkin patch 
on a sunny afternoon, 
thick with particulates 
no one is immune.
Achoo, Achoo, and ACHOO!

The Harvest Moon fills sky, 
with reddish orange glow.
Cinnamon spices fill the air.
Caw! Caw! A scary black crow.
Achoo, ACHOO 

Slow down and take the time
to make a pot of savory stew.
Breath in and enjoy the season
even with a sneeze or two.

Autumn Breeze by RL Brown October 2020

Snuggled in a blanket, thick socks warm my toes, a hot latte melts my insides, and a fall breeze tickles my nose. Achoo!
Hay bales decorate storefronts with scarecrows and pumpkins, adorn with autumn hues. It’s a typically crisp autumn day, lacking the humidity and heat of yesterday. ACHOO – Achoo.
A visit to the pumpkin patch on a sunny afternoon, thick with particulates and allergen visibly floating in the air. Achoo, Achoo, and ACHOO!
The Harvest Moon fills the evening sky, the horizon allowing only the yellow, orange, and red hues to filter through – Achoo, ACHOO!
The smell of cinnamon and spices and a warm pot of stew remind me of fall and winter coming soon. Achoo!
The Harvest Moon disappears for another year as the fall wind blows the dust away and brings the fresh, clean air. Time to slow down, look around, and breathe in this fall season, even with a sneeze or two.

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