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Hi, I’m Rhonda- a mom, grandmother, retired teacher, storyteller, and writer. Storytelling is a natural way to teach. Jesus often told parables as a way to get His message across to the severest critics. My new passions include writing picture books, maintaining a blog, traveling (South Korea), photography, DAR, and politics; maybe not politics Thanks for visiting!

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About ME

Degrees & Awards

Expertise & Skills

Job Experience

M.S. School Counseling UCA, Conway, AR/

Bachelor of Science Family Life & Environment/ Social Work LSU, Baton Rouge, LA/

National Board-Certified Teacher, 2007/ FCCLA Master Advisor Award 2006-2007 /

The National Scholars Honor Society /

“Who’s Who Among America’s Teacher”

Certified in Vocational Family & Consumer Science and Career Orientation/

Career Development and Guidance & Counseling/-Valid to 2023/

26 years of teaching experience. /

Plan and instruct each subject area using a wide variety of teaching aids, implementation of motivational strategies to engage students in active learning.  /

Key Qualifications: Certified in 3 areas: FACS/Career DEV./ Guidance and Counseling. Current AR Teaching Certificate,

Highly Qualified Teacher

Elementary Counselor-4 years-Mount Vernon/Enola Elementary-K-6th grades, Enola, AR /

Middle School Teacher- 11 years-7th and 8th grade at Lakewood Middle School NLR, AR CTE/FACS / High School Teacher-11 years- 9th -12th grades-

Monticello High School, Monticello, AR /

As a teacher, I sought to teach my students skills such as independence, self-motivation, examine issues, separate facts from inferences, research, know the truth, contemplate, then decide how to proceed.


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