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Guess! giggles on the inside-

Pictionary, Wordle, Charades, Scramble, riddles, knock-knock jokes, and more. Games that keep us guessing.

What is black and white and red (read) all over? Why did the chicken cross the road? Knock-Knock. Who’s there? Lettuce! Lettuce Who? Let us in, and I’ll tell ya.   Knock-Knock. Who’s there? Orange! Orange who? Aren’t you goin’ to let us in?

Guessing games keep you giggling on the inside, waiting to tell a joke or guess the answer. I have childhood memories of playing cards, pick-up sticks, old maid, etc., trying to outguess my cousins, then rolling on the floor laughing.

God wants us to have fun with our families and keep guessing, laughing, playing, and enjoying life.

People love to guess!

Kids love to guess and figure out the answer. Even more fun is when the answer catches you by surprise.Guessing games bring laughter, silliness, and fun.  

God creates us to love living, whether working, resting, or playing—I love watching a Jewish or Greek wedding or family members at a reunion, especially kids. The most fantastic family reunion will be in heaven, and we’ll be like kids.

Families grow and change and keep us guessing but are supposed to keep us centered in God’s love.

God created us to live, love and laugh. He designed families to protect, guide, and develop us into God-loving people who stand firm on the TRUTH. We don’t have to guess who we are. WE don’t have to guess about our sinful nature. It is clear and defined. It is by His power, not mine, by His name, not mine, by His blood, not mine that I stand affirmed, loved, and forgiven. 

Now, that makes my insides giggle.
Giggles on the inside, Pic by RLBrown


Commitment comes in all shapes and sizes. Some promises are short-term, some last for a season, and some are life-long. Long before God established the church, He formed the family as the basic unit of society-big or small. Our society grows, values develop, and traditions are passed on from the family.

Author unknown

Commitment does mean everything is perfect. The work to keeping a relationship begins on your wedding day. It is the day you said, I do, to a life-long commitment. Marriage is filled with life and all the happiness and sadness in this world. It is working to keep it alive and going and protect and shield it from the negative impacts of this world.

By RL Brown


It took a great while!

BonnieLeigh Bronte Hendry

December’s blessing.

Thirty hours of labor to a C-section, they are both doing great. Below is BonnieLeigh’s baby blanket pieced by Great Aunt Rhonda Leigh Bronte Brown.


My mother and aunt love to visit estate sales. (Reading Kate’s blog brought them to mind, they are both with the Lord.) They usually came home with an antique from bygone days. They bought a memory. I have even purchased furniture, thinking I would pass it down. My family has great memories of sitting around an oak table. My daughter’s trinket box is full of flattening pennies from the places we visited.

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It is not the things or object but the memories tied to a moment in time that fleshes out echos of the past with family.

It is not the object, memories of a moment, echos of the past.

God established the family as the basic unit in society long before He established the church. Worship begins at home and sets the heart toward God. Raise a child correctly; when they are old, they will find the truth again.

Worship was the responsibility of the head of the household. Cain’s refused to worship God but instead offered his work, offering instead from the fruits from cursed ground. Only God saves and offeres forgivness. Our efforts always fall short. The ten commandments proved our need for Jesus’ death on the cross. Aftter the flood, God removed the ground curse but the other three remained.

Through progressivism, Marxism, and a few more isms, the family as the basic unit in society has been under attack for the past 100 years. From Woodrow Wilson to allowing pornography to be blanket everywhere, removing prayer from schools, teaching false history to abortion, the family is suffering.

The family is a child’s first clan, first home, the first taste of love and security. The family is worth saving as an independent unit, separate from government interference.

These comments may seem like a weird direction for the blog, but as a teacher who has taught the significances of the family- it just flowed out.

A Wedding Blessing for my son and new daughter by RL Brown

Daniel and Serah’s

Wedding Blessing

Today, we witness

two different people,

two different families,

two different cultures,

two different languages,

two different countries.

Two different worlds meet.

In this paradox stands Daniel and Serah.

Daniel mirrors the strength of an Oak Tree.

Serah embodies the beauty of the Cherry Blossom.

Both are unique individuals and grounded in Jesus.

These two different worlds unite with Daniel and Serah.

A verse in Colossians speaks of being rooted in faith, growing in

knowledge and overflowing with gratitude- one faith, one hope, one Lord.

The cord of faith in Jesus binds you together and dreams for your future begins

this day with God’s guiding hand of love. Your faith in Jesus, the fullness of hope,

and love for each other tie you two as one. The truth is you become one as you blend

your lives to complement each other. We pray God’s blessing for your health,

wealth, and happiness, and for wisdom as you begin your journey together.

Love Mama and Papa

Photo by Brett Sayles on
Photo by RL Brown, Moss Mtn, AR

It was Christmas…

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It was Christmas four years ago, and my mom came to live with me as she prepared for assisted living. She leaves her home of forty years, not wanting to be here. Soon, I realized she was not ready for assisted living. I spent Christmas Eve with her at the assisted living home. She has sundowners; the room is blazing hot and unfamiliar. We sleep, finally, I think. She’s up, and I’m startled; she falls. Nothing is broken, but she hurts. Off to the hospital, she is in pain, her COPD kicks in, and her rheumatic heart flutters, but she is stable. We had a wonderful Christmas dinner the next day. It was baked chicken, a warm roll, and creamed potatoes. It was her last meal, and we had it together. Three weeks later, she died with me there. She was ready.

It was Christmas three years ago; my husband and I enjoyed a Christmas with each other. My son moved to South Korea to teach English, and my daughter, grandson, and her new husband move to Denver.

It was Christmas a year ago, my husband broke both legs in October, and his mother is in the nursing home, dying. I spend my days taking care of him. When he is settled, I relieve his sister. I arrived around seven. It is quiet in the nursing home as nurses check on patience and give the last round of medicine. I help the nurse turn Nana. Nana had a mini-stroke a few days before Christmas. When it was still for the evening, I’d sing old church hymns. She is not improving. She dies with me there.

It is Christmas this year. Our pastor’s wife died with Covid related issues. Their daughter is still in the ICU. She is finally improving. My best friend’s father died two days ago. His graveside services are Sunday. I have lost family and friends this year over political issues. Because I stand against abortion, alternative lifestyles, and two genders only, and I am judged or seen as unfit. God’s word is true for everyone. Jesus is the plumb line. “Behold I am about to put a plumb line in the midst of My people…” Amos 7:8 God may be pruning the branches and removing the dead and chaff from my life. Sadness is a part of loss, but hope always springs eternal.

The New Year will start. My son and his new wife will visit us from South Korea. Their reception is in February. Hope, faith, and love will remain in every season, as will our memories. New beginnings intertwine in our life as some leave us and others join in.