Commitment comes in all shapes and sizes. Some promises are short-term, some last for a season, and some are life-long. Long before God established the church, He formed the family as the basic unit of society-big or small. Our society grows, values develop, and traditions are passed on from the family.

Author unknown

Commitment does mean everything is perfect. The work to keeping a relationship begins on your wedding day. It is the day you said, I do, to a life-long commitment. Marriage is filled with life and all the happiness and sadness in this world. It is working to keep it alive and going and protect and shield it from the negative impacts of this world.

By RL Brown

3 thoughts on “Commitment

  1. aschmeisser

    It won’t always be perfect,
    and sometimes it will suck,
    temptation to simply reject
    good marriage as dumb luck.
    It won’t always be easy;
    ‘not possible’ may come to mind,
    recalling that old cheesy
    saying (you remember!), ‘love is blind’.
    But in the suck and in the dark,
    and in the wailed ‘Why me!’,
    you may find on heart a mark
    that tells you not to flee,
    but to look back to see clearer
    that your mate is Christ’s true mirror.

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