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Hi, I'm Rhonda, a mom, grandmother, retired teacher, storyteller, and writer. Storytelling is a natural way to teach. Jesus often told parables to get His message across to the most severe critics. My new passions include writing picture books, maintaining a blog, traveling, photography, and politics. Thanks for visiting!

October Rhymes, Poems, and more/Hallo’s Eve

Hallo's Eve comes once a year
certain creatures reappear.

Pumpkin faces scare the dead,
filling ghouls full of dread.

Jack-o-Latern fools the gnome,
we're deguised and free to roam. 

House to house we seek sweet treats
lights from pumpkins line the street.

Fading fast and hard to see
spirits hiding in the tree.

Pumpkin, pumkin, pumkin face
side by side we'll win this race.

Round the corner, house insight,
dare we run with all our might.

Safe inside we dance with glee
Jack-o-Latern smilles at me. 

A shimmering dance
A seasonal rain
blurred lines of change
Harley, the ghost, refuses to float. 
Over water her stomach would bloat. 
The night shades took pity- 
Delivered her to the city. 
Across the moat they row her by boat.  

Vampires roams the skies by night, 
Foraging flower nectar to bite. 
The flowers all hid, 
Afraid of this kid. 
He vanishes by the morning light.  

Nettie, the spider, tosses silky threads. 
The wind carries her over the farmstead. 
Free to roam. 
for a new home. 
Spinning her web by the woodshed. 

A little witch wishes fly by moonlight                         
Seeking moonbeams to steady her flight. 
The moonbeam is ready. 
She carries her teddy. 
Together they fly through the night.  

Pete sits in a pumpkin patch very grim, 
wishing for a face that would grin. 
Along came a farmer, 
whose a great carver! 
Pete beams at guests entering the inn.

Skelton Bones travels by scooter
never honking the scooter's tooter
Ghosts cry yoohoo,
bats creech boohoo.
Skidding downhill, he runs over Rooster.

The black crows are a big meanie
because Jeanie is so teeny weenie.
Because of her size
She hid from prying eyes.
She ate her fill of zucchini. 


Being rooted is to be grounded, having a firm foundation. In the parable of the sower and the seed, four types of foundations are given. The good soil is representative of God’s Word. The problem with man is understanding the truth. Truth is pounded by empty philosophy, choke out by the trails of life, or consumed by doubt and confusion.

Being rooted in Truth is not as easy as it sounds. We have the Bible, read it, apply it, and yet, our ears are tickled by empty words and we are led astray.

Last week I heard a pastor explain Genesis in a way that was very different from what I was taught. God’s edit to Adam and Eve was not prescriptive as in a condemnation punishment. Instead, it was descriptive. God was describing the consequences of their action and what was about to happen in the world. The natural order of peace was ripped apart and man was now at odds with nature.

God is revealing the mysteries of the end times, of the secrets of His Word in a way that offers clarity to everyday life and freedom in our spirit to walk with Him.

memories lay curled
tumbled, dark rumble
inner balance skewed 

truth is a plumbline
It does not vary
or shapeshift. 

There is one Truth by which all mankind can survive. Anything else is sinking sand, gets twisted, blown away or lost in the heart of man. 

Whiptail Journal

No simultaneous submissions.

BIO: Rhonda Bronte Brown is a retired counselor/teacher who lives in Arkansas. Her published poetry appears in Better Than Starbucks Journal, the Trouvaille Review, and Haiku Seed Journal in February and March 2022. Find her online at
The heart my be fickled at times but when stirred to action becomes a bulwark. 
July 1-10: Themed (Personal Transitions, e.g. physical, emotional, spiritual, healing)

1. stormy days settle to walk above the clouds, life
2. tenacious tekkers travel twisted trails through time.
3. drifters venture on patterned pathways of speckled sunlight 
4. astonied hearts stirred to rise (Job 17:8 reference)
5. uproot weeds watered by tears. 

The heart may be fickled at times but when stirred to action becomes a bulwark. Summer submission Summer submission

Rhonda Brown                                                         Haiku Submission

1335 Montana Street                                                      Nature Theme

Conway, AR 71566

BIO: Rhonda Bronte Brown is a retired counselor/teacher who lives in Arkansas. Her published poetry appears in Better Than Starbucks Journal, the Trouvaille Review, and Haiku Seed Journal in February and March 2022. Find her online at


Time spins laughter

into memories-

and memories 

into laughter. (Revised)


life’s brief moments 

full of 

      beauty and 















                       s . . . 


  In memory of Robb Elementary school, Uvalde, Texas


Breathe the sunlit air, 

uproot weeds 

watered by tears.


Mockingbird catcall signals a tail twitching taunt-

kitty in the weeds. 


 A cool zephyr breeze flows over tender grasses, 

 goose pimples giggle.  

  Thanks for the great advice from my last submission. I hope these haiku capture one's imagination for greater interpretation.  I'm a WIP. 

August Haikus

Morning's blush
slips through the
mizzling mist. 
Haiku Pond/Water Published @Haiku Pond 
morning visitor,
elegant, sleek, dressed in black
but you can't come in
I walked in and out several times before I noticed.

Wintry winds
whistling ceaseless
(Theme: wind) Haiku Pond submission, Aug 18, 2022

Morning's blush
slips through the
mizzling mist. 
Haiku Pond/Water Pulished @Haiku Pond 

other ideas for water

tiny rainbows shimmer in the sunlight through the mizzling mist

frosty white
glistening icicles
Haiku Pond/Water

troubled matrix,
stain dewdrops of torment 
or dewdrops of troubled matrix

Sinkholes, shifting sand, 
watchful eyes staring
at a changing basin.

Shrouded storms, titans clash. 
long summer evenings
where forest and child
refuse to sleep
Jul 30
thunderous speech showers from the sky
pattering the earth's surface
liquid sunshine seeps into the crusty dirt, 
nourishing deep roots. 
a realized dream
worked for
contains real magic
free clipart/internet

September Haikus and more

On moonbeams, life frolics till night's hush moves stillness in and draws the sleepy eyes shut, all rest. 

Life frolics on the moonbeam
and plays till night's hush
moves stillness in -
drawing the sleepy eyes shut, 
all rest. RL Brown

jet lag, sleep comes when-
western time, eastern time
neither, baby time 
memories lay curled
tumbled, dark rumble
inner balance skewed 

truth is a plumbline
that does not vary
or shapeshift. 
Bright sherbet colors
familiar and strange
in a foreign land. #HaikuSaturday
annyeonghaseyo from South Korea
Yard mowed, edges trimmed-ha
It's raining, it's pouring-

The grass will grow back 
by morning- 


A lesson in kindness/ ideas for teachers and counselors

With school in session, teachers in addition to the daily curriculum begin the year with a focus on kindness to establish boundaries for behavior.

Kindness ripples as it cuts through meanness.

‘Each little thing we do goes out into the world touching more and more people. Each thing we do can be kind, mean, or just a missed opportunity. The one certainty is that kindness can rip through meanness.  Kindness interjected at any moment diminishes the ripple of negativity.’ R. L. Brown

As a counselor, I used two books to compare kindness: Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson and Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deeds by Emily Pearson

Every act of KINDNESS creates a ripple.

What will you do to start a ripple of kindness in your classroom, at home, or among your peers?

Other Books:
The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig
Kindness is Cool Mrs. Ruler by Margery Cuyler
How Full is Your Bucket? By Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer

FMF: View

Nothing new under the sun, not so-
Every day there is something new-
My son with his son 
My daughter (in-law) with her son. 
Love growing by leaps and bounds. 

Long before God established the church (not worship), He established the family. The family is the basic unit of our society. Security, warmth, and safety are tied up in a bundle(s) of love.

Never Forget

I need never forget that I am a hypocrite by nature. I tend to consider the things I approve of as moral and the things I disapprove of as immoral. When I do, I become a law unto myself.

I am NOT a law unto myself, nor is any other person. God’s moral standards exist out of myself. God’s moral law for man is explained in the Bible. And I need to know what is righteous and unrighteous, not by what I deem or others deem suitable. The moral law is not in man’s opinion or whim for the day.

I need a moral standard outside of myself. God declares what is true, what is honorable, what is pure…(Phil 4:8).

The one thing that I can count on is being a hypocrite. But it doesn’t matter what I think. God’s Word established a moral standard by which man will be judged- not anyone’s opinion or orientation. I cast my hypocrisy at the feet of the cross, confess, repent and believe Jesus. One’s belief about Jesus will determine where one spends eternity.

Man’s standards will not judge us. Therefore, let us never forget who is holy.

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Together: Two Immutable Facts

The unchangeableness of His purpose and it is impossible for God to lie.

Hebrews 6:17-18
God desiring even more to show to the heirs of promise the unchangeableness of His purpose, interposed with an oath, in order that by two unchangeable things, in which it is impossible for God to lie, we may have strong encouragement, we who have fled for refuge in laying hold of the hope set before us. This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast and one which enters within the viel, where Jesus has entered as a forerunner for us.
From Genesis 3 to Revelations, God's purpose is to restore man to God's presence, enter within the veil, and walk beside him again. 

We have entered an age where everyone is right in their own eyes. Each version is at odds with the other. God's Word is the plumb line by which all truth is measured. A plumb line is a weight suspended from a string used as a vertical reference line to ensure a structure is centered. God cannot lie; he can't do so; therein lies the power of His Word. 

Time is a fixed entity set for a season and always moving forward. God exists outside of time. God's purposes for man are unchangeable and arranged for a season of salvation as a test of man's free will. There is no variation or shifting of shadows for God's steadfast plan. All things being possible for God ( Phil 4:13, Matt 19:26) is predicated on a few impossibilities concerning His nature. 

God is the plumb line by which truth is and will be measured. God exists outside of time. He is the Alpha and Omega. Imagine God holding the ribbon of time, the beginning in one hand to the end in the other. He surveys all of the time, simultaneously.
God loves your soul like the soil loves the tree. 
God's Word is the soil where we firmly root our faith. 
The soil gives the tree all the space it needs to grow. 
God's will is His Word. 
It is not a roadmap but a relationship. 
God is more interested in what you become than what you do. 
Colossians 1:9. 
Having received Christ Jesus as Lord, you are: 
     firmly rooted, 
     built up in Him, and 
     overflowing with gratitude- 
     one faith, one hope, one Lord. 
Comfort comes by knowing that you are firmly rooted. 

Old Mill NLR, AR Photo by RL Brown