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May Poems and Haikus

Tempean beauty
Tranquil coastal charmer
Titivated lace

Spanish moss is a beneficial epiphytic flowering plant. Photo taken in Charleston, SC.
tempean ox-eye
titivated petals bloom
butterflies dance

Leptos' flight guided 
by scented highways,
Saguaro Cactus

Xeric ecosystem
Desert wildlife host
Saguaro cactus flower

Sunloving shrub
Xenomorphic hibiscus
Aussie delight

gene transfer evolution
clueless aftermath

Vermillion cardinal
resplendent and showy
the evening snow
benison of golden                                 r                                       a                                      i                                     n
in a vintage

Hegemony media parrots the same song.

Complementary muliebrity of inner beauty–blooms.

				       r     e
				    e           a
				 n                 u
			       n                      t
 Complementary muliebrity of i                           y--blooms.

(Note: When a woman’s inner and outer beauty shines as one, and the kindness of her soul sparkles, meld into the essence of feminity—this is something only women do.)

            // new_ 
      internal coding 
   life begins at
the soft adagio of mourning dove
weeds have no place
running wild without boundaries
pachysandra's felicity
Mountain hiking with a friend 
Nature's beauty is a godsend
Eagle eye 
Perch high
Climbing high only to desend
Moutain hiking with friends
Hoping this day never ends
Eagle eye
Perch high
Nature's artisty, little dividends
benison of golden
                wafts of perfume,  
         butterfly flight path. 
Haiku Dialog
By Rhonda Brown

1. Autumn falls silent under the evening snow 
2. bluegrass under feet, goose pimples felicity 
3. living life in a fog, drifting desperately
4. out on a limb hanging by a stem whirlybirds take flight
5. complementary muliebrity of inner beauty blooms. 
6. sweet benison of sunlit air and golden rain, prismatic joy.
7. Nature's beauty shines in the beholder's eyes, beware of bears.
8. evening shadows on crisscrossing paths, uninterrupted
9. Eventide, tealights glow, cicadas sing, swish goes the porch swing.
10. slow, slow, quick-quick, slow, light dances on the water, footprints in the sand
quiescent tide
rhythmic pace of the porch swing
tealights glow
faded white wood planks
engulfed in quamoclit
quiescent and quaint 
frozen heart
a kind touch
melting point

#HaikuSaturday #haiku #senryu #nature #poem #poetrycommunity #poetry #Poet #haikuchallenge  HaikuDialog- Precipitation @NaHaiWriMo Ache
Hills and hollers of Arkansas
Stomping grounds for Grandpa
Magnificent feat
Nature's treat
Summers' cold water spa
#Limerick #LimerickSunday
Cedar Falls, Petite Jean State Park
#amwriting #poetry
anatomy of a tree
expose for all to see
pen and ink
tickled pink
delightful artistry
#Limerick #LimerickSunday
Rhonda L Brown / USA

The following Kyoka haikus are written by Rhonda L Brown (me)

Kyoka were Japanese poems that did not conform to the prescribed norms of waka imagery and diction
. Kyoka, poems are less serious and more humorous. With its often political and social content, the kyoka tends to be sardonic and ironic. It can parody the waka and use slang. The kyoka also echoes Senryu in its thematic preoccupation with human nature. 

1.  the night sky frolics
    under silvery moonbeams
    in stillness, dreams come
    night recedes behind the stars-
    no thought to pending troubles
    tomorrow sleeps

2.  unison parrots
    hegemony media 
    demise of America
    wokeness from within-
    discernment's gift is knowing 
    the difference between the two.

3. If rain no longer fell,    
   would tears cease to flow?    
   If blue dropped from the sky,     
   would  your smile return?    
   If longing is understood,       
   would you be free to love -   
H. Gene Murtha Memorial Senryu Contest Rules
Two poems per poet

1. a morrowless day
   of whistling threnodies,
   a fresh tomorrow. 

Faded white wood planks 
engulfed in quamoclit,
quiescent and quaint.
praj·​na. ˈprəjnə plural -s. : transcendental wisdom or supreme knowledge in Buddhism gained through intuitive insight.
Ajna translates as "authority" or "command" (or "perceive"). It is considered the eye of intuition and intellect. Its associated sense organ is the mind.
Hegemony media , Fact or opinion, Null Hypothesis,
This quote is spoken by King Lear about his daughter, Goneril. He's comparing the pain he feels having her—a thankless daughter—to a snake bite. He says that the pain she causes him is “sharper” or more painful than any snake bite.
How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child. 
Slowly evanescing
Time spins memories
Of you

April Poems and More
Moments in nature
filled with wonderment and awe
touching the soul.

In a world of words
seeking perspicacious


Reach into the world of words,
to find clear insight.
Haiku word source:
NaHaiWriMo/ Haiku challenge by Steven Ralph
Blue_Owl: daily word post
Haiku Dialog: 
And my own word challenges

#haiku #senryu #nature #poem #poetrycommunity #poetry #Poet #haikuchallenge 
out on a limb
hanging by the stem
whirlybirds in flight
April 2 limb

bifurcating branches
twist and wind outward

howling winds
winged seed helicopters
Maple whirlybirds
a gentle zephyr
cool bluegrass under feet
Spring's felicity
April 1st/ Bottle

Life’s Vintage
Emotions in a bottle
hot roller dogs
bases loaded, crack to left field,
crowd goes wild
April 3 hot dog

hot diggity dog
bases loaded, crack to left field,
crowd goes wild

hot diggity dog
hanging out
with my best friend

complementary combination of inner beauty
complementary muliebrity of inner beauty

a gentle zephyr 
cool bluegrass under feet 
goose pimples' felicity
Complementary muliebrity of inner beauty
(When a woman's inner and outer beauty shines as one, and the kindness of her soul sparkles, meld into the essence of feminity—this is something only women do.)
RL Brown
4/28- Oasis
4/29- Obcordate is the reverse of cordate leaf, Obcordate the point is at the stem. 
4/30- Omniscient
Dickey Stephens Park
Arkansas Traveler's Fan
The season begins. 
April 4 fan

honey-like fragrance
inviting the butterfly
wafts of perfume

4/5- Guerdon- reward recompense
4/6- Genteel refine, stylish elegant
4/7- Glacé 
empty and stark
waiting for the words to flow
writer's block
Page April 4
Grandbabies create
rites of passage to become

little dividends
Guerdon/April 5
Photo by Lina Kivaka on
genteelly lace to
red hats with a purple bows,
the southern women 
@Bleu_Owl #HaikuSaturday #haikuchallenge #haiku
Kid giggles on the inside.
'Go Fish!'
sweet benison of
sunlit air and golden rain,
a prismatic wash 
 #HaikuSaturday #haikuchallenge #haiku  Hello, spring, and Happy Easter
slide into
seamless syllables 
of streaming 

a raging river of words
skip, trip and jump 
over the tongue

Water April 5 @NaHaiWriMo
excerpt from Eyes of a Dyslexia by RL Brown
Silky smooth
Shimmering ice
April 7, 2023
Science of the mind 
Genetic Haecceity  
Internal coding
 #haiku #senryu #poem #poets #poetrycommunity #poetry #haikuchallenge #HaikuSaturday 
rule of thumb
cup in hand
heuristic application

rule of thumb, 
a heaping handful, a cup-
heuristic application
hegemony song 
by parroting birds
the news media
 #haikuchallenge #haiku
hot diggity dog
hanging out
with my best friend

Bull and Matilda
brain sparks
roots of ideation
flows from within

creativity flows when
one ideated thought 
rises above the rest

spring sparkles
imbued with life
incipient vivacity

youth imbued with life
sparkles with incipient vivacity
Ideate esse'
Imbued vivacity
Incipient sparkles
stinging tickle
choking cough
post nasal drip,

Wind, blow the seeds.
Loam, provide their needs.
Cloud, let loose April's showers. 
May, bring forth bouquets of flowers!" #whistpr
bubbling jessant hatches
sportive jocose merriment
climatic jouissance 
Ideas Jessant 
Cold milk, chocolate chips
hot out of the oven
Cookies, Yum!
He may be nimble, 
he may be quick, but 
where's the candlestick?
Ask the Colonel. 
Winter’s dignity
Lifeless trees' quiet strength
Autumn seeds nestled deep.

Seeds shed winter's shield
roots stretch in fertile dirt- yields 
March howls for spring's warmth. 
Jocose giggles on the inside.
'Go Fish!' 
Toad Suck Daze 
toad races, carnival rides
low country kermis
the race is on
the end is near
schools out then summer's here

If autumn falls silent under the evening snow 
If sheltered seeds don winter's coat 
If March winds howl for spring's warmth
If budding flowers emit the earth's scent
If spring pollinators awaken and take flight
If golden rays titillate terra's loam
If nature bears burgeoning yields 
If the impetus for life circles again
If thankfulness flows from within
If we understand the Creator above
then what do we know of love?

Love is to have, to hold, to enjoy, and to freely let go.
Happy Earth Day

FMF: Have and Earth Day
Autumn falls silent under the evening snow 
Sheltered seeds don winter's coat 
March winds howl for spring's warmth
Pollinizers emit an earthy scent
Spring pollinators take flight
Sunrays titillate terra's loam
The impetus for life circles
#HaikuSaturday #haikuchallenge #poetry Earth Day
4/25- Namaskar/Namaste 🙏
4/26- Neoteric
4/27- Nature
Haiku Dialog

frozen heart
a kind touch
melting point
balancing act
muliebrity -femininity, kind soft.. 
Magniloquent-boastful pompous

lithe graceful, flexible
lissome agile thin
complementary muliebrity of inner beauty
Neoteric sunrise, 
Namaste nod
Scenes in nature

Neoteric sunrise,
The sun eight-minute ago
Namaste nod
the soft adagio 
call of a mourning dove 
coo-ah coo-AH, coo-OO-oo 
#HaikuSaturday It's a sweet morning, even if it is rainy and cold. 
Picture: Birds&Bloom
#HaikuMusic #haiku #nature #poem #poetrycommunity #poetry #Poet #haikuchallenge

March Poems, Rhymes, Haikus

high impact combination
nature's color scheme

complementary combination inner beauty
March 2 book
Flip a page
Mark a page
Read again, a book in hand. 

March 3 soup
Slow down, take the time
make a pot of savory stew
share with a friend or two

Savory and warm
tomato soup with grilled cheese
diagional cut
Re-share of Facebook post/ Haiku by RL Brown
Haiku and picture by RL Brown
Moons of March

Sky looks down on earth
with the dark eye of a new moon,
spring winks at the stars. 

Seeds shed winter's shield
roots stretch in fertile dirt-
March howls for spring's warmth.

Loam stirs, breaking free-
muddling nightcrawlers rise
under the worm moon. 

Foretoken of spring
Marsh marigolds in damp fields
Hooverflies delight

Terrestrial tides collide 
rising high, but twice a year.
sun and moon poised.

A morrowless day
arriving on the equinox
perfectly balanced. 

Sugar Moon shines down-
sweet maples release sap
as March winds breathe change. 
March festivals
Frolic with the daffodils
Wye Mtn, Moss Mtn, AR
Zephyr carries spring seeds
Nightcrawlers dig underground moats
Loam provides their needs
#Haiku_Challenge March 16/Zephyr
Morning Glory
Photo by Tiu1ec3u Bu1ea3o Tru01b0u01a1ng on
fortoken of spring, 
howling winds, blue sky, green grass
March winds breathe change

three hundred year oak
stretches toward sun's warmth
new season to bloom 

#HaikuSaturday #Haiku_Chanllenge/zeith 
Photos by RL Brown/Moss Mtn, AR
March 17, 2023


Haikus by RL Brown/ not for reprint


spring buds pop their heads, 
february trickery, 
winter snaps, not yet! Published

feb 11
winter's shield
hoarfrost, snow blanket
survive or succumb  #HaikuSaturday #haiku 

rewrite for NaHaWriMo
little ones frolic
under silvery moonbeams 
till stillness comes

a sparkled light cast
night recedes behind the stars
tomorrow sleeps

fEB 18
varied highs and lows
February vacillates
spring's on its way

Photos by RL Brown
Nature's mystery sprightly beads nestle betwixt succulent leaves  

Pearly light of glistening eyes echoes a dance of the coming spring.


Feb 1 daybreak
morning’s blush
slips through
the mizzling mist  published

Feb 2 dawn/birdsong
Antiphonal tweets
robins, warblers, and blackbirds sing
dayspring's symphony
pastoral harmony
robins, warblers, blackbirds
antiphonal tweets

Feb 3 crowing rooster
A crimson trim comb 
Proud strut, perched high. 
Good morning world

Feb 4 sunrise
morning’s song returns 
spring arias 

Feb 5 Breakfast
peel double whop, pop
biscuits fried light and golden
sprinkle sugar dust

Feb 6 morning
the morning light hums
dreams dance in dawn's shadow
young hearts sing

Feb 7
Missed breakfast
Can't wait for lunch
time to graze, brunch

An elvish break
peanut butter and banana
RIP Elvis.  

Feb 9 Noon
high noon
shadows hide 

Feb 10 Lunch
teacher on the run, 
recess, copier, meeting
lunch in hand. 

Feb 11 Midday
a contagious yawn
a midday stretch
What comes after ELEVENSES?

Feb 12 naptime
little ones play till 
stillness draws the
sleepy eyes shut 
all rest. RL Brown

Feb 13 teatime
front porch cool breeze
scones, clotted cream, perserves
Iced cold bourbon tea

FEb 14 afternoon
out-of-town son calls
visit with elderly neighbor
afterrnoon delight

Feb 15 Happy Hour
family conversations
around the dinner table
happy hours

Feb 16 Dinner
break a few rules
cold pizza for breakfast,
hot pancakes for dinner

Photo by RL Brown/ South Korea
Feb 17 Magic Hour/Golden Hour
silvery moonbeams
night recedes behind the stars
tomorrow sleeps in dreams

Feb 18 Sunset
evening wanes
sunlight etches closer to 
twilight's shade (reference to age -etch-wrinkles)

Feb 19 blue hour
sky colors ripple
a unique aerial view

Feb 20 Twilight
cicadas sing
silence merges with darkness 
tree shadows creep

Feb 21 Dusk
fireflies hover low
in eventide
tealights flicker

Feb 22 Evening
evening sounds surround
life nestles, tweets and twitters cease
swissssh goes the porch swing

Feb 23 Vespers
Violet skies of royalty
evensong of repentance, 
Ash Wednesday 

Feb 24 Bedtime
Bedside, on my knees
whispers ascend to heaven
I lay down to sleep

before I lay down to sleep
whispers to heaven
pass out of sight, memory, or existence.
"water moves among reeds, evanesces, shines"
To dissipate or disappear like vapor.
Feb 25 the eleventh hour
America's demise
wokeness disinformation
downfall from within

Discernment's gift
facts vs narratives
dividing truth from lies

Discernment's gift is dividing truth from lies-
fact vs opinions

Feb 26 Midnight Snack
An internal clock
wakes hubby at 12:01
sleep walks to the fridge 

Feb 27 Wee hours
Wee morning hours
Perseid meteor show
July and August

Feb 28 jisei/death haiku
1. autumn falls silent under the evening snow
2. Winter winds whistling, Indian summer's last stance, bowing gracefully
Feb 28 Last Hour jisei/death haiku
Thanatos’ grim triumph-  
fallen, betrayed from within 
  The Afghan Thirteen,

Above all by Michael W Smith.
Above all powers above all kings above all nature and all created things. Above all kingdoms above all thrones above all wonders, the world has ever known.

A Pastoral Cacophony

Better Than Starbucks Poetry and Fiction Journal November 2022

As morning’s first blush slips through the mizzling mist, dawn’s chorus begins. The woodland world wakes, nestlings fluff their feathers, squish together and listen to their twitter song.

Blackbirds sing a low mellow tone blending choral notes to a dayspring chant. Red-breasted robins' antiphonal tweets twitter back and forth. A cool zephyr breezes through the budding trees, and a hermit thrush adds a rhythmic woodwind harmony.

Chee-pippety-chee-chee, Jenny wren joins in with a light peppy lilt, stepping up the beat. Colorful warblers echo a descant as tiny rainbows shimmer in twilight’s dew. A cappella chorus in one voice sings a spring aria.

A blue jay’s catcall
signals a tail twitching taunt,
kitty in the weeds.
Photo by Pixabay on
Rhonda Bronte Brown is a retired counselor/teacher who lives in Arkansas. She was published in Better Than Starbucks, the Trouvaille Review, and Haiku Seed Journal in February and March 2022. She also writes children’s books. Find her online at
My inspiration for this poem came one spring morning while listening to bird songs at dawn's light. The slow build of antiphonal tweets and the sudden end, orchestrated by my cat, Tom,  reminded me of Bolero by Ravel. 

January Poems

Photo by RL Brown, Gulf Port, MS
color of the sky
a change upon the wind
longing to be free
sky colors ripple
a unique aerial view
slow, slow, quick-quick, slow
light dances on the water
footprints in the sand
Photo by RL Brown, Gulf Port, MS
If rain no longer fell, would tears cease to flow?
If blue dropped from the sky, would a smile return?
If darkness engulfs the world, would light find its way?
If longing is understood, would yearning fade?
If sadness disappeared would you be free?

Your faith can be likened to a train with an engine and a caboose. Putting your energy/belief in God and His Word is like putting your energy/ fuel (the coal) into the train engine, and it moves forward. If you place your energy (the coal) into the caboose, your feelings, the train doesn't move. Feelings wobble, constantly change, hurl you forward or hold you back. Emotions should not take the lead; they can spiral you out of control if you weigh yourself with them. We have free will by which we balance head and heart and live. by RLBrown
shadows hide, lurking beneath (the fog)
Light invades, droplets dissipate, shadows revealed. 
living life in a fog, drifting desparately
a seasonal leaf
grounding roots
friends are the rings inside

January submission The Monthy Kakai-(Gratitude) by RL Brown
A  clarion call on gradient winds, eagles hitch a ride. (January sky) #poetry, #haiku, 
snow falling lightly
moonbeams prance
nestled deep, all sleep
Like a river, creativity flows, bends, hits a dam, spills over, finds another way, is a mist, and gets lost in a fog but is ever moving forward to new horizons. 
autumn falls silent under the evening snow
Photo by RL Brown
Photo by RL Brown, South Korea

December Poems


The night star shines
through the night
illumatinating the way

a single voice announces,
the king's arrival,
dispelling fear

Christmas morning rings
as the morning light hums,
as a new song begins.

The Troubadour sings 
illuminating darkness,
dispelling fear.

Echoes of joy ring
The songless world yearns to hear.
The troubadour’s song.

Morning's light hums
through hate and despair as hope
sings a new redemptive song.
Nature’s beauty shines
from the eyes of the beholder
beware of black bears

sun rays scintallate 
into summer's inner boundary
nighttide catenates

summer solstice June 21, 2022

on a morrowless day
nighttide meets at winter's gate
light concatenates

#haiku #HaikuSaturday #haikuseed 

winter solstice
Dec 21, 2022
January sky
Its sheer so clear, so blue. 
Nothing leaves a mark.
Wintry sky
shear blue bright and clear
cirrus trails
Emotional world
Spinning round the sun leaving
Unanswered questions.
#HaikuSaturday by martha vandivier
My Reply:

In between twilight
answers lie within us
for finding the Truth.
#HaikuSaturday by RL Brown

November 2022 Haikus and more

Snow in Arkansas
Ump, get real, it's Arkansas
Snowing in Arkansas
We have a saying in AR, if you don't like the weather, wait a day!
5:59 PM · Nov 12, 2022
·Twitter Web App
wispy sheers, whispering change, forth-telling

whiptail: journal of the single-line poem

Cirrus clouds are thin, feathery, and wispy. They often portend rain in the coming days. Write a monoku using cirrus clouds.
#haiku #monoku #whiptailjournal

Replying to @whiptailjournal
whiptail: journal of the single-line poem

speckled sunlight of pattern pathways 

Share a monoku you wrote and the story behind it.
The story behind this: I was reading Richard Peck this summer, inspired by his writing. 
for whiptail journal
Monday is about: Magic of Invisible friends

Nov 21
Replying to 
I never had an invisible childhood friend, but that would be my favorite.
I wouldn't care for gremlins since they work for Murphy's Law.

Nov 22 Friendship 
Replying to 
Like a leaf that is brief-lasting a season,
branches that hang around for a while,
or the roots that keep you grounded, 
friends are the rings inside you. #InvisibleThings

Nov 23 Creativity
Like a river, creativity flows, bends, hits a dam, spills over, finds another way, is a mist, and gets lost in a fog but is ever moving forward to new horizons. 
Invisible Things/Creativity 

Nov 24: Joy
Grandbabies create
a rite of passage for
parents to become 

Passing the responsibility of raising a child to your child and watching them guide, struggle, seek your help and advice, and getting to love and trust them to do their best is pure joy.

Nove 25
Hope hurts! 
Hurtful words dash across the heart. Dreams unrealized lie in waste. Lost in the darkness, we cry.
Hope lies beyond our regrets and missed opportunities. Hope restores the heart and clears the way for renewed dreams. 
Hope heals!
5:30 PM · Nov 25, 2022

Trouvaille Review, February 15, 2022 Publication
Winter winds whistling
Indian Summer's last stance
Bowing gracefully
Winter’s dignity
Lifeless trees' quiet strength
Autumn seeds nestled deep-

Sheltered.  #haikusaturday 

Originally written separately, then one poem.

October Rhymes, Poems, and more/Hallo’s Eve

Hallo's Eve comes once a year
certain creatures reappear.

Pumpkin faces scare the dead,
filling ghouls full of dread.

Jack-o-Lantern fools the gnome,
we're disguised and free to roam. 

House to house we seek sweet treats
pumpkin lights line the street.

Fading fast and hard to see
spirits hiding in the tree.

one, two, three, four
"EEK," and away they soar.

Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin face
side by side we'll win this race.

Round the corner, house insight,
dare we run with all our might.

Safe inside we dance with glee
Jack-o-Latern smilles at me. 

Commercial free image


Harley, the ghost, refuses to float. 
Over water, her stomach would bloat. 
Nightshades took pity- 
and delivers her to the city. 
They row across the moat by boat.  

A vampire roams the skies by night, 
foraging flower nectar to bite. 
The flowers all hid, 
afraid of this kid. 
He vanishes by the morning light.  

Nettie, the spider, tosses silk threads. 
The wind carries her over the farmstead. 
Free to roam, 
for a new home. 
She spins her web by the woodshed. 

Pumpkin Pete sits in a patch very grim. 
He wishes for a face that would grin. 
Along came a farmer, 
whose a great carver! 
Pete beams at guests entering the inn.

Skelton Bones travels by scooter
never honking the scooter's tooter
Ghosts cry yoohoo,
bats screech boohoo.
Skidding downhill, he runs over Rooster.

The old scarecrow frightens Jeanie 
because she is such teeny weenie.
Because of her size,
she hides from prying eyes,
and eats her fill of zucchini. 

WIP       oh me oh my, crazy cross eye witch. 

Shimmering rays steady her flight,
Winnie yearns to fly by moonlight. 
Moonbeams are ready. One cross eye, she's willing to try
She carries her teddy.
Together, they froclic and play till midnight. she frolics and plays past midnight

one two three four
into the sky, soar
She froclics and plays till midnight. 

Fading fast and hard to see
spirits hiding in the tree.
one two three four
scream, watch them soar 
Don't look back, time to flee. 

The great horn owl 
a dinner of mice
is a quite nice
hootie hoot hoot,
what a coot
The Last Harvest
By RL Brown

Wind rustles the leaves 
Trees shimmer yawning deeply 

Autumn equinox,
the balance of light and dark,
time juncture converts. 

Turn your face eastward.
Fall moon on the horizon
blazing golden hues.

Extravagant colors!
A migratory birds last song.
Light wanes for evening.

Nature's splendor yields 
a harvest of abundance, 
Thankfulness expressed. 

Inner autumn calls,
time to embrace season’s change.
The wind howls for rest.

Light narrows yet shines.
Truth displayed for all to see, 
God’s bountiful grace. 

Counterfeit death nears. 
The last harvest, winter comes.
Weary souls find rest. 
October Haiku
little ones frolic
under silvery moonbeams 
till stillness comes

a sparkled light cast
night recedes behind the stars
tomorrow sleeps
a shimmering dance
a seasonal rain
blurred lines of change

Kathy Halsey
Oct 9
Replying to 
"Blurred lines of change", the consonance, the rhyme, make this divine.
a single-cosmos
harmonious symmetry
its own star system
Photo by RL Brown, a single flower from a field of cosmos in South Korea
The Korean Folk Village

weeping willows
water lanterns 
twilight shift

August Haikus

Morning's blush
slips through the
mizzling mist. 
Haiku Pond/Water Published @Haiku Pond 
morning visitor,
elegant, sleek, dressed in black
but you can't come in
I walked in and out several times before I noticed.

Wintry winds
whistling ceaseless
(Theme: wind) Haiku Pond submission, Aug 18, 2022

Morning's blush
slips through the
mizzling mist. 
Haiku Pond/Water Pulished @Haiku Pond 

other ideas for water

tiny rainbows shimmer in the sunlight through the mizzling mist

frosty white
glistening icicles
Haiku Pond/Water

troubled matrix,
stain dewdrops of torment 
or dewdrops of troubled matrix

Sinkholes, shifting sand, 
watchful eyes staring
at a changing basin.

Shrouded storms, titans clash. 
long summer evenings
where forest and child
refuse to sleep
Jul 30
thunderous speech showers from the sky
pattering the earth's surface
liquid sunshine seeps into the crusty dirt, 
nourishing deep roots. 
a realized dream
worked for
contains real magic
the essence of magic
a realized dream
worked for
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