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Behold Him

Behold the Baby in the Manager.
Behold the lamb and shepherds.
Behold, Simeon’s prayer fulfilled.
Behold the gifts of gold, frankincense, myrrh.
Behold the wise men from the East present gifts to the King of Kings.
Behold the amazement of the Temple priest of a twelve-year-old.
Behold the Dove descending on a baptism.
Behold the Father’s voice.
Behold the twelve disciples.
Behold miracles of water into wine, the lame walk, blind healed.
Behold, men’s hearts restored, promised fulfilled.

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Behold the accusation, the persecution, condemnation.
Behold the death of a King, a sacrificial lamb.
Behold broken hearts, loss, misunderstanding.
Behold death, darkness, and dementia.

Behold His Resurrection.

Behold promised fulfilled and promises yet fulfilled.
Behold the ministry of the church.
Behold the restoration of the nation of Israel.
Behold Christ’s return for the church.
Behold Revelations to come
Behold the Second Coming and every knee bowed.
Behold LIFE, LIGHT, and LOVE.
BEHOLD HIM, JESUS, the King of Kings.

Behold Him, Mission House,

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus.

Graceful Dance

Winter grants Fall's wish 
for an encore flower dance, 
frost procrastinates.

Nature splendor yields 
a harvest of abundance, 
Thankfulness expressed. 

Wintry winds whistling
Indian Summer's last stance
Bowing gracefully #haikusaturday)

The Great Big Greenhouse/Doug’s Blog


Fairytale Fishin'

Let’s go to the pond. 
Fairytale fishing is best-
when Gramps comes along. 

No buckets, no boats,
And no carrying large totes. 
Just Grandpa and me. 

A pole in each hand
Crickets wait by the pond bank 
Gramps catches our bait. 

A nibble, a tug-
A fisherman feels the line-
Waits to jerk the hook. 

A flip-flopping, splash 
Reeling in a big fat bass. 
Little ones go free. 
My Grand 

is an alien,
not the kind from outer space
but another place. 

Tock-Tick, tock-tick, tock
Grand's house mingles with the past
Time ripples backward

What, no game controls!
Grand's and electronic foe
But, I'm never bored. 

Grand swishes me off 
to hunt for hidden treasures 
with only one clue.			

Treasures lie within. 
Only the bravest of braves 
dare enter-'Boardroom'

She's a game wizard
I'm the assigned scorekeeper
We battle with cards. 

Grand's the marble champ
Her marbles have names-Galaxy
Star Dust, Jupiter.

The universe rules.
She's the brightest star around
I believe it's true. 

We follow all rules
though we rearrange a few
Mom is cool with that. 

I pick the veggies.
Cheesy cheese and pizza sauce
topping my deep crust.

Peel, double whop-POP!
Biscuits laid out, cut in half.
Fried, light, and golden.

Crispy and warm, Yum!
Sprinkle on sugar dust for
a delicious treat. 

Sometimes, I forget
Hold your tongue, hang your towel
after the shower. 

Growing up is hard. 
Every day learning is new.
But I'm not alone. 

Grand's shoulder is there.
Reminding me of blessings
in following rules. 

Mom's dismayed to see
fingerprint flowers displayed
on the windowpanes.

Leave them there, my dear.
They remind me Hope was here.
Then Grand winks at me.

We made those flowers 
with air breaths and fingerprints

We watch old movies
reels, tapes or DVDs.
How can that be me?

But it was Momma
giggling with Granny Sue
swinging from my tree.

Tock tick, tick tock tick
The clock chimes it's time to go
Love you, see you soon.

Mom, I hear you say
that Grand is an alien
Is that really true?

Just bits of silliness, dear.
Grand said the same thing
about Granny Sue.
We were best buddies.
She loved me like Grand loves you.
Granny was special. 

Yesteryears refer
to another time and place.
Now, I understand.

Grandbabies creates 
rite of passage for all
parents to become 


Flower Powered Bi-ways

Sonoran Desert
Nature’s pollen connector
Saguaro Cactus 

Leptos fly at night,
guided by scented highways.
Time their migration. 

Flower-powered bats
following the nectar trail,
hunt by smell and sight. 

Mutual survival 
Eco-system sustainers
Man, land, and the Bat. 

Freedom -the ability to think freely/by RL Brown

A mind free to think 
Imagines, reasons, then decides
to act with forethought.
Haiku by RL Brown
C S Lewis/PIC:

CS Lewis said that imagination is key to reason. But your mind must be clear, lucid; looking beyond instant gratification to see a reasonable danger. Reason trains the mind, imagination helps you see beyond what you know. Reason will test, decipher, and separate subtleties that snare. You are ready to think -to act beyond just yourself.

The drug trap. A mind clouded by dreadful need. The loss of love for others and cherished memories turns to disdain. Careless attitude of life that drags you down into the depths of despair. Despair, so great that it takes you over an unimaginable cliff. Drugs trap you in a body and steal your life and freedom.

To imagine means to explore possibilities, reasons is to weigh actions with consequences with a depth of understanding and proceed with full knowledge, ready to bear consequences. Marx was an elitist fool who lived off others and yet abandoned his children to starvation. Marx was a type of man who celebrated the death of his uncle, so he could live off his Uncle’s wealth without producing any of his own. China and Russia only pulled out of poverty because they allowed for free enterprise. Our country is not perfect but it allows for everyone life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… and all that goes with that, great success or great failure.

A mind free to think will imagine, reason, and then decide to act. R L Brown

Philippians 4:8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

Romans 12:2 Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

2021 Fall Writing Frenzy

The Last Harvest by RL Brown

Wind rustles the leaves. 
Trees shimmer yawning deeply, 

Autumn equinox,
the balance of light and dark,
time juncture converts. 

Turn your face eastward.
Fall moon on the horizon
blazing golden hues.

Extravagant colors!
A migratory birds last song.
Light wanes for evening.

Nature splendor yields 
a harvest of abundance, 
Thankfulness expressed. 

Inner autumn calls,
time to embrace season’s change.
The wind howls for rest.

Light narrows yet shines.
Truth displayed for all to see, 
God’s bountiful grace. 

Rapture of the church 
The last harvest, winter comes.
Weary souls find rest. 
Fall- Credit: Julia Solonina / Unsplash

Haiku by RL Brown

For me, a Haiku is a 17 syllable verse that captures an image or moment that touches the heart when the reader grasps its meaning.

Some are still a work in progress.

The Haiku is a 
seventeen syllable verse,
image or moment.    or           of a timed momment
Grasped by the reader,
meaning captured by the heart,
flows with emotions.               filled with emotions.
Winter folds a tree- 
into a counterfeit death – 
Gray, boney, lifeless.

Dignity of Winter 
Lifeless trees quiet strength
Autumn seeds nestled deep
Cold, still, frosty white
Frozen precipitation 
The glistening sun

Icicle droplets 
Drip amid a frozen field
Robins drink mid-stream.
Echoes of joy ring
The songless world yearns to hear.
The troubadour’s song. 
Kindness ripples when
interjected precisely
and rips through meanness. 

Summer soybean fields
Winter conifer forests 
Fall, hide from hunters. 
Wallpaper Tips/free download
Winter grants Fall's wish 
for an encore flower dance, 
frost procrastinates.

Indian Summer
Harvest-in, farmer's delight-
Sweet whispers of thanks. 

Photo by RL Brown/ Moss Mtn, AR
Romantic at heart
Curious, Cautious, Clever 
Nature's lake builders

Habitat framers
Charming artisan
As busy as a-
beaver (WIP)
Photo by Benny Stu00e6hr on
Rudbeckia titters 
Stretching roots in fertile earth.
Butterfly frolics

More butterlies play-
Hidden Object
The only reason
I've never been snake-bitten;
I pound when I walk. 

The object I seek
is blatantly obvious.
but it's not a snake. 
A trim crimson comb 
Proud strut, surefooted, perched high. 
First to greet the day.
Calls the world to wake.
Rises with the morning sun.

Photo by Yves Chaput on
Life is like a vapor
Death grins when the pulse is weak. 
Smiles when breathing ceased. 

Light gleams in darkness. 
Shatters the stillness of time 
Past and present one. 

Death, where is your sting? 
Dominions lost victory. 
His love set us free. 

Prayer is your weapon. Like the soil loves the tree and gives life to the tree so does prayer nourish your soul. Prayer cradles life whether answered here or there (heaven). 
Photo by Daniel Reche on