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National Haiku Writing Month

March Poems, Rhymes, Haikus

high impact combination
nature's color scheme
March 2 book
Flip a page
Mark a page
Read again, a book in hand. 

March 3 soup
Slow down, take the time
make a pot of savory stew
share with a friend or two

Savory and warm
tomato soup with grilled cheese
diagional cut
Re-share of Facebook post/ Haiku by RL Brown
Haiku and picture by RL Brown
Moons of March

Sky looks down on earth
with the dark eye of a new moon,
spring winks at the stars. 

Seeds shed winter's shield
roots stretch in fertile dirt-
March howls for spring's warmth.

Loam stirs, breaking free-
muddling nightcrawlers rise
under the worm moon. 

Foretoken of spring
Marsh marigolds in damp fields
Hooverflies delight

Terrestrial tides collide 
rising high, but twice a year.
sun and moon poised.

A morrowless day
arriving on the equinox
perfectly balanced. 

Sugar Moon shines down-
sweet maples release sap
as March winds breathe change. 
March festivals
Frolic with the daffodils
Wye Mtn, Moss Mtn, AR
Zephyr carries spring seeds
Nightcrawlers dig underground moats
Loam provides their needs
#Haiku_Challenge March 16/Zephyr
Morning Glory
Photo by Tiu1ec3u Bu1ea3o Tru01b0u01a1ng on
fortoken of spring, 
howling winds, blue sky, green grass
March winds breathe change

three hundred year oak
stretches toward sun's warmth
new season to bloom 
#HaikuSaturday #Haiku_Chanllenge/zeith 
Photos by RL Brown/Moss Mtn, AR
March 17, 2023


Haikus by RL Brown/ not for reprint


spring buds pop their heads, 
february trickery, 
winter snaps, not yet! Published

feb 11
winter's shield
hoarfrost, snow blanket
survive or succumb  #HaikuSaturday #haiku 

rewrite for NaHaWriMo
little ones frolic
under silvery moonbeams 
till stillness comes

a sparkled light cast
night recedes behind the stars
tomorrow sleeps

fEB 18
varied highs and lows
February vacillates
spring's on its way

Photos by RL Brown
Nature's mystery sprightly beads nestle betwixt succulent leaves  

Pearly light of glistening eyes echoes a dance of the coming spring.


Feb 1 daybreak
morning’s blush
slips through
the mizzling mist  published

Feb 2 dawn/birdsong
Antiphonal tweets
robins, warblers, and blackbirds sing
dayspring's symphony
pastoral harmony
robins, warblers, blackbirds
antiphonal tweets

Feb 3 crowing rooster
A crimson trim comb 
Proud strut, perched high. 
Good morning world

Feb 4 sunrise
morning’s first song

Feb 5 Breakfast
peel double whop, pop
biscuits fried light and golden
sprinkle sugar dust

Feb 6 morning
the morning light hums
dreams dance in dawn's shadow
young hearts sing

Feb 7
Missed breakfast
Can't wait for lunch
time to graze, brunch

An elvish break
peanut butter and banana
RIP Elvis.  

Feb 9 Noon
high noon
shadows hide 

Feb 10 Lunch
teacher on the run, 
recess, copier, meeting
lunch in hand. 

Feb 11 Midday
a contagious yawn
a midday stretch
What comes after ELEVENSES?

Feb 12 naptime
little ones play till 
stillness draws the
sleepy eyes shut 
all rest. RL Brown

Feb 13 teatime
front porch cool breeze
scones, clotted cream, perserves
Iced cold bourbon tea

FEb 14 afternoon
out-of-town son calls
visit with elderly neighbor
afterrnoon delight

Feb 15 Happy Hour
family conversations
around the dinner table
happy hours

Feb 16 Dinner
break a few rules
cold pizza for breakfast,
hot pancakes for dinner

Photo by RL Brown/ South Korea
Feb 17 Magic Hour/Golden Hour
silvery moonbeams
night recedes behind the stars
tomorrow sleeps in dreams

Feb 18 Sunset
evening wanes
sunlight etches closer to 
twilight's shade (reference to age -etch-wrinkles)

Feb 19 blue hour
sky colors ripple
a unique aerial view

Feb 20 Twilight
cicadas sing
silence merges with darkness 
tree shadows creep

Feb 21 Dusk
fireflies hover low
in eventide
tealights flicker

Feb 22 Evening
evening sounds surround
life nestles, tweets and twitters cease
swissssh goes the porch swing

Feb 23 Vespers
Violet skies of royalty
evensong of repentance, 
Ash Wednesday 

Feb 24 Bedtime
Bedside, on my knees
whispers ascend to heaven
I lay down to sleep

before I lay down to sleep
whispers to heaven
pass out of sight, memory, or existence.
"water moves among reeds, evanesces, shines"
To dissipate or disappear like vapor.
Feb 25 the eleventh hour
America's demise
wokeness disinformation
downfall from within

Discernment's gift
facts vs narratives
dividing truth from lies

Feb 26 Midnight Snack
An internal clock
wakes hubby at 12:01
sleep walks to the fridge 

Feb 27 Wee hours
Wee morning hours
Perseid meteor show
July and August

Feb 28 jisei/death haiku
1. autumn falls silent under the evening snow
2. Winter winds whistling, Indian summer's last stance, bowing gracefully
Feb 28 Last Hour jisei/death haiku
Thanatos’ grim triumph-  
fallen, betrayed from within 
  The Afghan Thirteen,

Above all by Michael W Smith.
Above all powers above all kings above all nature and all created things. Above all kingdoms above all thrones above all wonders, the world has ever known.