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Pollinizers and their Pollinators

By RL Brown (WC 147)

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GIF for Spring Fling 2021/ Designed in / excerpt from RasulRaumaVideo

The Honeybees
Tiny things that run the world,        
with whispered beats, their wings unfurled. 	
Bees love blooms with anther thread,     
and favor hues of blue and red.      
Bees create a honey treat-                
with lavender so pure and sweet.    (36)
The Butterflies
Dainty things that run the world,        
with silent beats, their wings uncurled. 	
Butterflies from all around 
follow scents near the ground. 
Mini-feet dance on top a bloom-	
searching for nectar to consume. (34)

The Hummingbirds
Little things that run the world,        
with humming beats, their wings unfurled. 	
Hummingbirds need constant fuel. 
Scented flowers attract this flying jewel.  					
Forward, backward, upside down- 
these acrobat flier rush around. (32)