By RL Brown (WC 147)

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GIF for Spring Fling 2021/ Designed in GIPHY.com / excerpt from RasulRaumaVideo

The little things that run the world 
with silent beats, their wings unfurl. 
As ambrosia seekers,
they're nature's keepers. 
Spreading golden pearls as they twirl. 

Susie and Becca, friends since birth, 
stretch their roots in fertile earth. 
Butterflies frolic and play.
When finding nectar, they stay. 
Rudbeckia’s titter reveals their mirth. 

Bees love blossoms of purple and red, 
and wildflowers mix with anther thread. 
Lavender flowers are pure and sweet.
Honeybees make a delicate treat.   
Non-hybrid blossoms yield the best spread. 

Sweet aromas attract this flying jewel. 
Hummingbirds need to constantly refuel. 
They search for fragrant flowers, 
to feed every three hours. 
Territorial, these feisty birds duel. 

Trees need pollinators for apples and cherries, 
also for drupes like peaches and raspberries. 
Hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies 
toil diligently under blue skies. 
They sweeten our world with bountiful berries. 

The little things that run the world. 

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