Pollinizers and their Pollinators

By RL Brown (WC-199) Nonfiction/ Trochaic Tetrameter

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Bumblebees, Honeybees and Wasp

Tiny things that run the world,       	
busy beats, their wings unfurled.      	 
Bees love bloom’s anther thread,   
favor hues of blue and red. 
Golden pearls spread all about,
gathered by a little scout. 
Pollinizers Bees Love

Fragrant flowers spread their scent. 
Pollen swirls in spring’s event. 
Bees create a honey treat-            	
with lavender so pure and sweet. 
Bees find peach and apple trees,  
guided by a scented breeze.    	

The Butterfly

Dainty things that run the world,    	
silent beats, their wings unfurled.   	
Butterflies from all around
follow scents that hug the ground.
Dancing-feet atop a bloom, 	
search for nectar to consume. 
Pollinizers Butterflies Love

Flower clusters, vivid hues
Yellows, reds but no blues,
Flower seeds secure their worth,
stretch their roots in fertile earth.
Coneflowers, their scattered seeds,
Best paired up with butterfly weeds.          

The Hummingbird

Little things that run the world,
Hums and beats, their wings unfurled.
Hummingbirds need constant fuel.
Scented blooms attract this jewel.
Forward, backward, upside down.
These adept fliers rush around. 
Pollinizers for Hummingbirds

Golden flowers brilliant blooms 
Entice birds with shiny plumes.
Blazing Star to Geranium,
Coral Bells to Delphinium.
Flower meadows, patchwork plots,
Scattered seeds in local lots. 

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