Spring Sings! By RL Brown

Spring Fling Contest 2022/ revised for another submission

     Winter howls at Spring like a middle schooler's biological clock clanks. 
     "It's too early." Winter yawns.

      "Autumn is expecting you," says Sun.   

     "Not yet." Winter flops back, adding another blanket of snow. 

     "June's cold moon is waiting," says Spring. Winter loves to hangout with Cold Moon. 

     "Okay, I'm up." Winter sits very still, blowing another winter chill. 
    "Come along," says Blizzard. Winter stands and stretches.
     "A resplendent day in pastel hues," says Winter to Spring.
      "Thank you, Winter." 
Bowing gracefully, Winter whispers, 
     "See you next year." 

     Spring smiles at Sun, "It's time to melt the crusty earth and direct your rays to tickle the fertile dirt."
     "As you wish," says Sun and bows to stir the sleepy earth. 

      "Now for the underground nestlings. Seed, shed those winter coats and nightcrawlers dig underground moats."  

     Spring sings to the wind, " Zephyr, carry the seeds far and wide and Loam, provide their needs. Clouds, let loose April's showers. May, bring forth a bouquet of flowers!   

"Zephyr, carry the seeds. 
Loam, provide their needs. 
Cloud, let loose April's showers. 
May send a bouquet of flowers!" 

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