Spring Showers

Spring sings,
“Birds, sing your morning song.
Praising Him to whom we belong.
Wind, blow the seeds.
Loam, provide their needs.
Clouds water the flowers.
It’s time for God’s showers.”

We sing the Singer’s gospel message, praising the one who saved us. Holy Spirit is our guide to plant the gospel message in another’s heart. God waters and causes the seed to grow. Spring calls us to sing His gospel message.

I moved my younger brother into a nursing home. He is my brother, but the burden was heavy. It made my heart sad. Yet, he had a remarkable recovery from the time he entered till I left.

The word the last week was easy. It was not easy to pack up his belongings, clean out his home, essentially his life, and store them. Yet, it reminded me not to put store in the things of this world.

We let temporal things measure the sum of our lives. Yet, the sum of how we live has an eternal value.

5 thoughts on “Spring Showers

  1. aschmeisser

    Rhonda, you’re magnificent, and in our prayers.

    We do not know the wherefores,
    and still less the whys.
    We must step back as God disposes
    of salt tears from our eyes,
    and move into the coming day
    to face what lies ahead,
    even knowing not the way,
    or where we’ll find a bed.
    But, dear heart, please do be brave,
    for many look to you,
    and to the words with which you save
    the good and bright and true
    that would else fade and be lost,
    at, some days, your heavy cost.

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