Morning Coffee

Coffee (or tea) can mean something different to each person. For some people, it is the aroma that wakens the morning senses; for others, it is downing the first cup that kick starts the day. For others, coffee is the elixir necessary for clarity of vision. without it, the newspaper would be useless. With all its sensual clues, one still has to acclimate to coffee’s bitter taste. But once you find the right blend, coffee is your friend.

Morning coffee is a bit like life with all the sweet, savory, bitter, sour bits, and yet when blended with the perfect pairing, satisfying. (Coffee and a donut)

Time to tie that morning coffee with awakening to God. Life is full of flavor, emotion, sight, sound, and meaning. Walking with God in the light of His Word brings a perfect pairing to healing old wounds, finding a grateful attitude, a sense of worth, and blessings during trials. Bitterness, saucy tongues, doubt, and more will be a part of this life but God’s Word is the perfect pairing to counter life’s bitterness.

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6 thoughts on “Morning Coffee

  1. aschmeisser

    I have a kind of coffee
    that starts up my brain,
    but I tell you truly
    that this coffee is pain.
    I guess my body does react
    to the gegenschein
    of the predawn, thus the fact
    that the honour’s mine
    to rise and face the coming day,
    to wipe away the blood,
    to make obeisance I that I stay
    however deep the flood
    that cancer may yet make the gory
    in service to God’s gentle story.

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  2. Jennifer

    Well, this was encouraging this afternoon! Thanks for sharing. On a side note, don’t coffee and donuts just belong together:) I’m helping a friend plan her daughter’s bridal shower. The theme: coffee and donuts!! A great combination!! Happy Monday!

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