April/ Haiku/ ETC by RL Brown

War Is a Kigo https://haikuseed.com/war-is-a-kigo/ via 
The Afgan thirteen
fallen, betrayed, left behind-
death's grim triumph.

In the morning dew
side by side, slipping through
sunlight cracks the dawn 

songbirds greet morning’s first light-
arias of praise

kitty in the weeds
a blue jay’s catcall-warning,
a tail twitching taunt

cool zephyr breeze
flows over tender grasses 
goose pimples giggle.

hurricane prelude
whirlybirds in the wind
bliss ignorance

a rye bluegrass mix,
tickles bare feet, sooths the soul
doubly comfy, Ahhh- (45)

rudbeckia titters 
stretching roots in fertile earth.
polllinizers play.

dainty wings unfurled,
Diana Fritillary-
dances atop blooms.

dark tornados
wrapped by clouded storms, blinding
sounding like a train

deep within earth's roots
generational stories
rudbeckia titters 
roots stretching in fecund dirt,
pollinizers play.  revision for haiku dialogue

dainty wings unfurled,
Diana Fritillary-
dances atop blooms.

submissions Haiku Dialogue/Troutswirl
Dark Tornados
Wrapped in clouded storms, blinding,
Sounds of a freight train. 
April 11, 2022
kitty in the weeds
bluejay's catcall
a tail twitching taunt #HaikuSeed taunt
Cool zephyr breeze
over tender grasses 
stuck between the toes
goose pimples giggle. 
Dainty wings unfurled,
Diana Fritillary-
dances atop blooms.  #haikuseed butterfly
Picturesque shapes
lurking among cracked shadows-
craggy contours #HaikuSeed cracked
Shoulder surgery-
torrents of pain downpour,
to a clench stillness. 
OUCH! #HaikuSeed downpour
My thoughts trail behind
as I pass through the doorway,
forgotten.  #HaikuSeed
Deep within my roots,
generational stories
 #HaikuSaturday #haiku #haikuseed
Mississippi Oak on the coast.

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