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A Call to Arms for Afhganistan

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Life is like a vapor
Death grins when the pulse is weak. 
Smiles when breathing ceased. 

Light gleams in darkness. 
Shatters the stillness of time 
Death, where is your sting? 

Past and present one. 
Dominions lost victory. 
His love sets us free. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Arms yours self with the Gospel; it is time to fight.
How? Prayer and fasting is the key to winning this fight. 
Find your prayer closet, your church pew, and get on your knees. 

2 Chronicles 7:14: If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

A Haiku: Understanding Its Meaning

Grey shrouds disallow.
Perseid, wherefore art thou?
My wish bound by clouds. by Tony @TonyPictureBook

I didn’t catch the meaning of this Haiku until I looked up the word Perseid. Before reading further, stop and look it up if you need to.

Once I read the definition, I instantly understood, and a burst of conflicting emotions rolled over me. If you love star gazing, then you will instantly understand. If you watch action movies, then you know where the names of heroes and villains come from.

A once a year event was disallowed. The grey shrouds that streak brightly across the sky when entering our atmosphere were hidden behind the clouds. But there was a double meaning in this Haiku for me.

It was early August in the 90s on a clear night. My two children each had a friend spend the night. Dad and I set up reclining lawn chairs for the best view. I got them up at 4:00 am. Still wearing PJ’s, wrapped in thin blankets, sipping hot chocolate, we watched the Perseid Meteor shower. It was fantastic. We stayed out till the sun rose, then went to McD’s for breakfast.

My children have families of their own and live very far away. I ask my husband if he wanted to drive out in the middle of the night to watch the meteor shower this past week. His response was that he would be asleep. I was a little sad. I wondered if my kids took the time to watch. I thought of how much fun we had. Then, I laughed.

Yes, we did have fun. It was a spectacular meteor show that night, and I have a precious memory.

A Haiku is a 17 syllable verse that captures an image, or a moment that when the reader grasps the meaning, touches the heart.

View at EarthSky Community Photos. | Joel Weatherly in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, captured this photo of Perseus and surrounding constellations on August 14, 2019. He wrote: “This illustration of the Perseids radiant point was made using an actual image of the night sky near Edmonton. A faint Perseid meteor can
be seen to the upper left.
The location of the Whirlpool Galaxy. Stellarium.
The Whirlpool Galaxy taken by the Advanced Camera for Surveys aboard the Hubble Space Telescope.

Autumn Breeze by RLBrown

Snuggled in a blanket, 
thick socks warm my toes. 
Hot latte melts my insides. 
Fall breeze tickles my nose. 

Hay bales decorate storefronts 
with scarecrows and pumpkins. 
Overalls adorn with autumn hues, 
"Hello, country bumpkins."

It’s a crisp autumn day, 
lacking yesterday's heat 
Parade begins. Fair Food!
Time for a delicious treat.  
ACHOO - Achoo- ACH...

A visit to the pumpkin patch 
on a sunny afternoon, 
thick with particulates 
no one is immune.
Achoo, Achoo, and ACHOO!

The Harvest Moon fills sky, 
with reddish orange glow.
Cinnamon spices fill the air.
Caw! Caw! A scary black crow.
Achoo, ACHOO 

Slow down and take the time
to make a pot of savory stew.
Breath in and enjoy the season
even with a sneeze or two.

Autumn Breeze by RL Brown October 2020

Snuggled in a blanket, thick socks warm my toes, a hot latte melts my insides, and a fall breeze tickles my nose. Achoo!
Hay bales decorate storefronts with scarecrows and pumpkins, adorn with autumn hues. It’s a typically crisp autumn day, lacking the humidity and heat of yesterday. ACHOO – Achoo.
A visit to the pumpkin patch on a sunny afternoon, thick with particulates and allergen visibly floating in the air. Achoo, Achoo, and ACHOO!
The Harvest Moon fills the evening sky, the horizon allowing only the yellow, orange, and red hues to filter through – Achoo, ACHOO!
The smell of cinnamon and spices and a warm pot of stew remind me of fall and winter coming soon. Achoo!
The Harvest Moon disappears for another year as the fall wind blows the dust away and brings the fresh, clean air. Time to slow down, look around, and breathe in this fall season, even with a sneeze or two.

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