Setting goals and achieving them definitely build confidence and self-esteem. I have a long list of achievements from learning to ride a back, writing, educational goals to making lifelong friends and instilling a love for God in my family.

But when your heart-felt attempts are rejected and your achievements scorned that’s when you plant your feet on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. The actions I take for the kingdom of God have eternal value, which is a life-long lesson.

I have set my own goals at times above God’s purposes. Of course, I didn’t always see the truth in the moment, just plowed ahead. Yet, God made me the way I am and knew I would need to plow.

God blesses our achievements to show us that we are wonderfully made. Therefore, the glory is His.

I had nothing to write about this morning, feeling down–amazing how God can comfort your heart with a simple thought once you meditate on it.

My first painting by RL Brown

5 thoughts on “Achievements

  1. KymPossible

    “the actions I take for the kingdom of God have eternal value” – this is so true, and I need to be reminded of it. These are achievements that we sometimes don’t see at the time.
    Your neighbor at FMF#12


  2. aschmeisser

    So little now that I can do,
    a rifle stock, a custom knife,
    so little that might tell me true
    that there was worth within my life.
    The words I felt that I called to write
    have faded into Amazon,
    and in the falling of the night,
    I wonder if, yes, I was wrong
    to presume a higher gift
    of a rhyme that could be song
    that might give the world a lift…
    but this just might have been effusion
    of a well-meant grand illusion.



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