Read Out Loud-Never!

Entry for 1st Annual Kids Choice Kidlit Writing Contest 2022/ (Max -WC 200)

All the Henderson children read, except one, Rex.
Read Out Loud-Never!
by RL Brown

Rex Henderson hated to read out loud. 
	slipped – 
	tripped –
	over his tongue 
	like jabbering 

Flustered, Rex snapped the book shut. He spluttered,
	“My brain hurts. 
	My eyes won’t work. 
	Why do letters move?” 

The letters giggled. 
	 “Who’s that?” Rex demanded. 

Memes crawled out and stood on top of the book. He dressed like a sailor- colorful bandana, baggy pants, checked shirt.
	“I’m here to be your first mate,” said Memes. “We letters are an ornery lot. Yet, we need a Captain to guide us on our way.”

	“Me, be Captain-of these letters- 
	they're never still, always-
	and swopping.” 

	“Sound out their name, they’ll snap too…b, d, c, f, g, ha, speak up h, …” 
Rex joined in, calling each consonant by name.
	“These vowels are a rascally bunch,” Rex complained. 
	“Vowels flow here and there. Practice, you’ll get their names.” Memes smiled.

Memes handed Rex a script. 
	“Read aloud-Never!” 
	“You’re their captain,” Memes told Rex. 

	“Laugh and I’ll knock you off the page,” Rex warned his crew.
Captain Rex read out loud. and the letters snapped-to. 
Why do letters move?
Not today!
His words
     slipped – 
     tripped –
     over his tongue 
     like jabbering 

Her words 
       slid in 
      of streaming 
#HaikuSaturday, #haiku 
(excerpt from 'Eyes of a Dyslexic' by RLBrown


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