Trails and Trials

I can remember switching letters and numbers all my life. I even wrote a poem, Why do Letters Move? I am working on a short story about a child, Rex, who hates to read out loud.

Trials come, no matter what trail you take. Each road has its own set of troubles. Some trials pierce the heart, leaving you desolate and some trials are faced with the determination of the fiercest warrior.

Hiking in AR

Trials produce endurance which brings about the perfection of your faith. James 1:2-3 and Romans 5: 1-11. Romans 5 is the full progress of being justified by faith-peace with God-our introduction-hope-perseverance-reliance on God through the Holy Spirit-saved from wrath- we are reconciled.

[Excerpt: In today’s world one’s voice can get caught up in many types of whirlwinds, instead of the stillness of God’s spirit. I am guilty of being politically stirred, seething over general and personal attacks over my Christian beliefs, and taking offense at the vitriol of people who have a great disdain for the gospel. Jesus did say they hated him first. ] This type of trial is of my own making.

But some trials I face along my path are not of my own making and are beyond me. Facing trials is not the same as temptation, and do we do face consequences because of our choices. Some hurts go deep and your faith is greatly shaken. Faith hope and love work together to heal the heart. I don’t have answers just a bit of hope.

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