Beyond Hurt! by RLBrown

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Beyond Hurt- lies hope
Photo by R. Brown Moss Mtn.

Hope hurts! So how does one live beyond the hurt and maintain hope?
Hurtful words dash across the heart. Dreams unrealize by the busy cares of the day lie in waste. When children refuse to talk to their parents, hope for restoration dims when the years roll into another. When the future seems clouded by nefarious purposes, we pray for a turn of events. Sadness and regret fill a life once lived. Hope lost in the darkness cries of despair. We cry.
Yet, we still hope. Why?
Hope lies beyond our regrets and missed opportunities. Hope restores the heart and clears the way for renewed dreams. Hope rests on the foundational Truth of Christ Jesus. When love seems lost, and we’ve lost our way, hope shines a light. It dispels the darkness of despair. The heart responds. Hope carries the vital healing power of frankincense and myrrh. Its soothing components restore our faith and love.
Hope heals!
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