Freedom is lost in ignorance. by RL Brown

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Photo by R. Brown
Niagara Falls

Stupid is now an offensive word, but impugn, denigrate, or besmirch a political opponent with expletives, and they praise you for your lack of articulation skills. When trapped by blind hatred, acrimony becomes a course for action. The ensuing incompetence best describes those so full of discord that they seethe and bathe in malice until reasonable or contemplated thought perishes. The result is not free speech but a distilled compilation of whiny, immature thinking which doesn’t include an original opinion. (Yes, this is a negative first paragraph).

Critically thinking is essential to free speech, and losing the ability to form an opinion based on facts is the loss of free speech. Our Founding Fathers truly understood the concept of freedom of speech. It comes with a depth of knowledge and personal responsibility to ponder your words, weigh them, then speak for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Equality doesn’t mean equal, nor does it mean taking what others have earned. The pursuit of happiness does not mean life is fair. It isn’t.
My point is to step over or away from those people and continue to pursue your dream(s). Freedom means the right to be responsible for yourself, your words, and your actions. Know and understand what freedom of speech means, know your history and why the electoral college is valuable for the individual voter. Discover the truth, weigh your words and then speak.

redundant talking points
nailed to your brain
are meanlingless. 
dulls the mind
deception by empty philosophy.
They scream you can't handle the TRUTH,
yet it is easier to swallow than their redundant lies. 

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