Hope: Hurts and Heals

Senryu is about human nature

Breathe the sunlit air,
uproot weeds watered by tears,
stir the soul
let go-
plant anew.
Rewritten as a Tanka- 31 syllables 

Tears flow 
deep within                                                         
watering roots of despair-
breathe the sunlit air,                                      
uproot weeds 
nurtured by sorrow,         
free the heart 
to revive 
your soul. 
The overturning of Roe v Wade is a prayer and hope of so many. It is a victory for life. 

Climate change is seasonal by the time of the year, the one hundred, 500 hundred, 1000 years recurring cycles, pre-flood, post-flood, to today, etc. AS my pastor said last Sunday, God is in control of the weather and the event on earth. God will decide when the earth will be destroyed or cleansed by fire. 
Note: The solar blast of 2012 missed our planet by three weeks. I read fractual time years ago, and I remember that our solar system spends 5025 years in each astronomical grid as it rotates. The earth has suffered from both internal volcanic eruptions to celestial catastrophes. 

Last week's word was fast and I all could think of was fast talkers, talking points, and media of deceptions. Lies that hurt people and lies people deny, it's a circus. 

Yet, God calls us not to be deceived or lost in despair. Certain things are meant to happen (end-time prophecies). Being lost in turmoil isn't God's plan. We are not to be lost in deception or unaware. Truth cuts through deception. Just because God is in control amid free will, we experience the consequences of personal choice and humanity's choices. 

Like the soil loves the tree, so hope revives our soul to let go and trust God. 
I'm not saying it is easy but it puts the focus on God- trust Him to heal our broken heart. 
Photo by RL Brown/Moss Mtn

2 thoughts on “Hope: Hurts and Heals

  1. aschmeisser

    Kinda funny, really, ain’t it
    that folk from the Ivy schools
    are with anarchy quite tainted,
    and they want to change the rules.
    “It’s OK to hold another
    opinion, yeah, oh, sure I see,
    but on the grave of my dear mother
    you cannot stand up to me!
    If you do I’ll come and shout
    on the street where lies your home,
    and I’ll dare you to come out
    and with hanging head atone
    for that sin that glows so bright,
    not recognizing I AM RIGHT!”

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  2. riverkath

    Yes, so much going on, so much turmoil and rumblings of these last days, however long they last. ‘I’m not saying it is easy but it puts the focus on God.’ Gotta keeps our eyes on Him. Such a good reminder. Your FMF neighbour at #3 this week.



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