A Kid’s Tale/ by RL Brown/ Excerpt

       Kid’s Tale of a Day with Gramps (WIP)
        A Slice of Life/ or A Slice of Pie
      (True stories told in a fictional style.)
                 By RL Brown

	Morning's first blush slips through the mizzling mist; sunlight pours over the windowsill. I feel a wiggle. 
	“Roll out, sleepyhead!” says Gramps. 

	The day begins with Gramps in his bucket hat. I grab breakfast as we head out the door, the screen door snaps back. 
       “Gotta grease those springs,” says Gramps.

       We walk to the pond, a pole in each hand - no buckets, no boats, or carrying large totes, just Gramps, Chico, and me. Gramps says there is no better companion than a good dog beside me. Crickets hide by the pond bank. Gramps catches the bait.

	He shows me how to thread a hook, attach my sinker, and snatch a cricket. Learning to cast a line is best done with just two. 
Secrets are safe. 
Photo by RL Brown, Little Red, AR

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