May/ Haiku/Free Verse/Rhyme by RL Brown

A Pastoral Cacophony (WIP)

Morning's first blush slips 
through the mizzling mist, 
dawn's chorus begins.

Antiphonal tweets 
robins, warblers, blackbirds sing 
dayspring's symphony. 

The woodland world wakes.    
Senryu is about human nature

Breathe the sunlit air,
uproot weeds watered by tears,
stirred souls plant anew.
Rewritten as a Tanka- 31 syllables 
Tears flow 
deep within                                                         
watering roots of despair, 
breathe the sunlit air-                                      
uproot weeds 
nurtured by tears,         
stir the soul
to start anew.           
Mountains of precipitous words echo constant reverberation.

Reach into the world of words to find perspicacity. 
cool zephyr breeze
flows over tender grasses 
goose pimples giggle.

hurricane prelude
whirlybirds in the wind
bliss ignorance
Photo by RL Brown, Gulfport, MS
Deep within my roots,
generational stories
Bifurcating branches
twist and wind upward,
etching life's wrinkles.
Her umbrella twirls
spreading crystalized sprinkles
everywhere #haikuseed (salt)
golden nuggets
set in a row,
juicy bites, 
what a delight, 
sweet corn! #haikusaturday 
The further south I traveled, the taller the corn stalks.
hurricane prelude
whirlybirds in the wind
bliss ignorance #HaikuSaturday (childhood memory) May 2022
green linear rows 
of soybeans zip by
destined for tofu,
edamame, soy nuts...
#haikusaturday traveling through the ARLAMISS

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