Reach into the world of words,
to find clear insight. 
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Time for my morning stretch and run, now walk, oh, it’s too cold today.

Time for my morning quiet time, how about some music today, I forgot too…

Time, oh I have lots of time as an empty-nester- time to clean out those closets, the garage, procrastination…

How do I stretch my time, I used to get more done…My heart is just not in it anymore.

Yard work, now my shoulder is hurting again, should’ve kept up those PT exercises.

When we let things go for other things, sometimes we lose our flexibility, our stretchability. It is not lost, just needs our attention. Faith is the song that calms the restlessness inside of me. (From a song but I changed the words a bit.) Sometimes we get restless, the loss of time with our church family, not as much time with friends and family, the constant bombardment of news, both fake and real.

God is there and ready to stretch me (us) in new ways. It is time to stretch and yet, not forget or let go of God’s foundational Truth.

As I work to maintain my strength and daily walk, God continues to stretch me in new ways. I’ve been writing stories and poems, and every day I see His blessing, his walking beside me as I struggle. I am not a natural writer. I have to work at it. I read the word for today, and as usual, start with a blank slate.

There are things God wants to be said through me, so I stretch my reach into the world of words, meditate, contemplate, scratch out, rewrite, double-check for grammar, (always, hate putting a comma before and. It’s like saying and-and). Then I post.

For me, I need to keep my old faith muscles stretched and active. At the same time, stretch new ones.

5 thoughts on “Stretch

  1. Jennifer

    Isn’t it funny how it seemed that more was done/accomplished when we really had to stretch our time…before we were empty-nesters with all the extra stretches of time!?! It certainly is true for me –

    Love the idea of stretch my faith muscles!!

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  2. aschmeisser

    Time, oh, heavens, how it drags
    when days have got so tough
    as my frame’s endurance flags,
    but there’s not time enough
    to say the things I need to say
    (though I don’t have an answer)
    about the daily hell to pay
    in these precincts of cancer.
    The words come stiff and awkward,
    for writing’s not the thing I do,
    and sometimes I feel forward
    in telling what I’m going through
    and making sense of this despair,
    but I’m still here, and I still care.


    1. brontebrown2 Post author

      Some days I yearn for heaven. War, Ukraine, defiance, Russia determined. Next, China and Taiwan, more destruction, more death. SAD. We are still here and still able to pray. King Jeosaphath faced an army he couldn’t defeat. He retreated and drew on the only power he had…a heart of praise. God won his battle for him.



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