Pray for Peace

Kentucky’s 101st Airborne on their way to Ukraine. Prayers for all ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
We need to wrap them in our prayers! Prayers for all of our men and women going! I didn’t hear this on the news but on Facebook. Update: I heard they were in Poland helping the Ukraine army.

I read a NET in Time post this morning, and she voiced a teenager’s concerns. “What if a mistake happens?”

Whether you believe it or not the 2020 election was stolen by media hook or crooked servers. The western hemisphere is now in a fog of dementia.

Whether biblical timing or a lost populous or the constant bombardment of fake news, the truth is lost in this demented fog. We face so many enemies entrenched in our gov’t and the world in our time. (How can you have a card-carrying communist head of the CIA? Pay for play head of the CDC?)

King Jehoshaphat faced a battle that he could not win. He drew back–to the LORD. His weapon was a heart of praise. When we voice a heart of praise, we are showing God our reliance on HIM. God took care of Jehoshaphat’s battle.

It is time to rely on the most potent weapon of all a heart of praise.

101st Airborne Division

5 thoughts on “Pray for Peace

  1. willowbentleysmama

    Yes we are certaintly living in bad times. Thank God we have a God who is Sovereign and gives us peace in the middle of the storm. It is so hard to trust God with the fake news and the corruption of the last election but God says he will give us peace that passes all understanding. Great blog. โค๏ธTerri D # 18 FMF

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  2. aschmeisser

    That fellow in the house of white,
    living presidential dream,
    doesn’t hear the screams at night
    but sure enjoys all that ice cream.
    It’s not that he’s an evil kind
    or even that he doesn’t care,
    but out of sight and out of mind
    when he’s sniffing women’s hair.
    He will give no SWIFT bank order,
    say energy is not the cause
    while opening our southern border
    and ramming through oil-drilling pause.
    I’d say just wait till ’24,
    but not sure we’ll make it, any more.

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