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Haiku: by R Bronte Brown 
Winter folds a tree-  
into a counterfeit death 
gray, boney, lifeless. 
Better than Starbucks, February 2022 Publication p. 41 
Editor's comment: Stark, powerful and tied to the four seasons.
Haiku Seed Journal @HaikuSeed_ Featuring these wonderful #haiku for the #HaikuSeed "winter"  

spring buds pop their heads, 
february trickery, 
winter snaps, not yet! 

#HaikuSeed / 24 Feb, 2022 winter   
All I can think of is an adult snapping at their children who were sneakily playing video games under their blankets instead of sleeping. Loved the playfulness of the writer and the haiku, there is a wholesome nature to it that brings out a smile.
— Sankara Jayanth
Editor, Haiku Seed Journal
Trouvaille Review, February 15, 2022 Publication

The Dignity of Winter by R Bronte Brown 

Wind rustles the leaves. 
Trees shimmer yawning deeply, 
Autumn equinox,
the balance of light and dark,
time juncture converts. 
Turn your face eastward.
Fall moon on the horizon
blazing golden hues.
Extravagant colors!
A migratory bird's last song.
Light wanes for evening.
Winter grants Fall's wish
for an encore flower dance,
frost procrastinates.
Nature splendor yields 
a harvest of abundance, 
Thankfulness expressed. 
Inner autumn calls,
time to embrace season’s change.
The wind howls for rest.
Winter winds whistling
Indian Summer's last stance
Bowing gracefully
Winter’s dignity
Lifeless trees quiet strength
Autumn seeds nestled deep-

From Bronte Brown:
morning’s blush
slips through
the mizzling mist

The Haiku Pond 🍃

Aug 13,2022
You can listen on your favorite podcast app or here:
Trouvaille Review, March 23, 2022 Publication

The Hummingbird
Swiftest things that run the world,
Hums and beats, their wings unfurled.
Hummingbirds need constant fuel.
Brilliant blooms attract this jewel.
Forward, backward, upside down.
These dashing fliers zip around.
Golden flowers brilliant blooms
Entice birds with shiny plumes.
Blazing Star to Geranium,
Coral Bells to Delphinium.
Flower meadows, patchwork plots,
Scattered seeds in local lots. 

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