My mother and aunt love to visit estate sales. (Reading Kate’s blog brought them to mind, they are both with the Lord.) They usually came home with an antique from bygone days. They bought a memory. I have even purchased furniture, thinking I would pass it down. My family has great memories of sitting around an oak table. My daughter’s trinket box is full of flattening pennies from the places we visited.

Photo by Nicole Michalou on Pexels.com

It is not the things or object but the memories tied to a moment in time that fleshes out echos of the past with family.

It is not the object, memories of a moment, echos of the past.

God established the family as the basic unit in society long before He established the church. Worship begins at home and sets the heart toward God. Raise a child correctly; when they are old, they will find the truth again.

Worship was the responsibility of the head of the household. Cain’s refused to worship God but instead offered his work, offering instead from the fruits from cursed ground. Only God saves and offeres forgivness. Our efforts always fall short. The ten commandments proved our need for Jesus’ death on the cross. Aftter the flood, God removed the ground curse but the other three remained.

Through progressivism, Marxism, and a few more isms, the family as the basic unit in society has been under attack for the past 100 years. From Woodrow Wilson to allowing pornography to be blanket everywhere, removing prayer from schools, teaching false history to abortion, the family is suffering.

The family is a child’s first clan, first home, the first taste of love and security. The family is worth saving as an independent unit, separate from government interference.

These comments may seem like a weird direction for the blog, but as a teacher who has taught the significances of the family- it just flowed out.

2 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. aschmeisser

    Now, we don’t need the family,
    it’s really obsolete
    in our brave new society
    and it cannot compete
    with the hipster den of opium
    where sex is merely play,
    where truth’s meet with opprobrium
    and history is what we say.
    We speak now of the Pregnant Man,
    and look up to the looting mob,
    for one does not have to plan
    on finding a productive job,
    so let’s ditch the boring happy home
    and hasten to our Fall of Rome.



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