Gratefulness is a state of mind sometimes for me. By Jesus’s death on the cross and his resurrection, my salvation is secure. I’m totally accepted, approved of, and love by the heavenly Father. I’m grateful that God doesn’t give up on me even when I do. Faith even the size of a mustard seed can overcome mountains of self-doubt, loss of family, and associated pain. Faith breaks mountains and quietens the soul. The Father’s love provides light of understanding in the depth of darkness to help guide our way. To find significance and gratefulness, just the tiniest particle of faith is needed.
Even though Thanksgiving was with just my husband, no kids or grandkids to visit, I’m grateful for my family, for my church family and friends that every day add value to my life.
I’m new to blogging, new to setting up a blog site, new to creating a space inviting to visit. I will admit this site is not that inviting, yet. But to join the Five-minute Friday blog, I must have a site. This is my second attempt at creating a site. Hopefully, in the future, this site will reflect more of me. This is my first attempt at painting too! Gratefully for a talented instructor and a friend to encourage me to come along.
This post is part of the weekly Five Minute Friday link-up!

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