Observant: Epic Snow Event and a Water Droplet

Snow envelopes the landscape with deep powdery, white flakes. Not the typical crusty flurries that barely makes a snowman but a perfectly delicate snow so fluffy and light that it invites you out to play. Trepidation of a significant winter event melts away when cloudbursts yield such a rarity.

The following week, a massive flock of robin lands in the backyard. Mockingbirds congregate on the limbs of an old River-birch tree out front. It is unusual to see robins fly in such a larger cluster or for a large group of mockingbirds to perch together. But none were eating the birdseed I had scattered around. Why not? The snow-covered ground yielded no food. God provides an answer through a singular event, one as rare as a 15-inch snowfall. From the window, I watch a robin swoop in to catch a water droplet from an icicle in mid-flight. The birds were thirsty.

With usual water sources frozen, birds migrated in flocks searching for water, which I provided. Once the robins had their fill, they were off. Next came the cardinals and English sparrows.

Even though I was clueless at first, God isn’t. Seeing a bird catch a water droplet in mid-air was amazing. But it was my clue to see the bigger picture.

How cool is that?

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