SAVOR Each Season /fmf

Picture by RL Brown

I savor each season.

I savor the changing season from melting snow to flowers peeking through the warming ground, a splash in the pool on a hot summer day, the colors of autumn and a harvest moon, and the stillness of winter.

I savor the changing season of life. Reaching eighteen took an eternity, and yet, the rest of my life seems like a blink of the eye. I savor the moments with my husband, the busyness of raising my children, and the pleasure of being a grandparent.

I savor my church, lessons learn, friends made, and lives touch. I savor giving back and volunteering for my community. I savor the lives I’ve touched as a teacher.

I savor God’s Word that is it forever true and is a plumb line for this world.

Life has seasons, each to be savored for the blessings they bring.

5 thoughts on “SAVOR Each Season /fmf

  1. Amanda Dzimianski

    I’ve been enchanted by the ways God created the seasons as markers and illustrations. Savoring them is so worth the time. Thank you!



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