Drive: How to fix a flat.

Have you ever been on a drive then have a flat?

Writing picture books seems like that afternoon drive on the Natchez Trace. Car windows down, trees limbs hanging over the payment, casting shadows with intermittent sunlight. You and your best friend chatting and laughing away.

Road down the Natchez Trace Parkway in fall

Boom! Screech, and you wheel-off to the side of the road. FLAT Tire!

Sometimes your best dreams get flattened. Goals you have struggled with go a rye. You get another rejection letter in the mail.

What do you do?

Well, you fix the flat, sometimes with a bit of help from a critique group, talk to a friend, listen to the positives more intently. Discover what is good about your dreams and hold on for the ride. It is hard work to attain your dreams. Drive and perseverance go hand in hand.

Then work on your dream, fix the flat(s) in your stories, and resume your drive down the Natchez Trace. Happy Writing!

2 thoughts on “Drive: How to fix a flat.

  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    I sit on four flat tyres
    (that’s what some folks say),
    and my inner fires
    bank lower every day.
    Each movement is now hesitant,
    and words are framed in pain;
    I look like hair-shirt penitent
    out standing in the rain,
    but don’t the appearance fool you
    for cancer’s just a passing thing.
    I may be slower, that is true,
    but dreams and thoughts take wing
    and with light heart I launch them toward
    the warm embrace of my dear Lord.

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