ABOVE the Fray

What type of movies do you watch? I don’t watch horror movies, R-rated movies, movies filled with foul language or nudity. Besides, who wants to pay 20 bucks to be cursed at and insulted. How often have you said something and someone’s snickers because of an inappropriate reference that you are unaware of?

How do you live above the fray?

God said I can no longer strive with man to Noah and commanded him to build an Ark. God said to Moses, ‘I will destroy these people and make a nation with you.’ Moses prayed for God to change his mind. Those people didn’t enter the promised land. They wander in the wilderness for forty years. God would have saved a whole city for ten righteous but found none, so He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. How did Lot live above the fray in such a city?

I pray for the end of drug and sex trafficking because of what little I see. My husband commented on the underbelly of illicit activities. When he said that, I envisioned a black mass with tentacles stretching out, sucking the life out of people, hidden in the darkness. But today, people are flaunting their actions as if it is their right. A vast and black underbelly of sin flipped over for all to see.

God the Father turned as God the Son took the weight and depth of sin upon Himself.

I think of the line in the movie Blind Side when asked how did he make it through. He replied, “I close my eyes.” The meaning in that line is to refuse to take part. It does not mean to close your mouth and refuse to call out what is wrong. God’s Word is the sword of Truth and makes clear what is true and what is a lie. Identifying your sex beyond a male or female is a lie. Marriage is between a man and a woman. These are not statements of hate, just the truth.

How do you love people, love the sinner, hate the sin, and live above the fray? We are to close our eyes to sinful acts because of how it affects the soul (meaning run from things that can suck you into a life of depravity, don’t participate. The statement: it’s okay to try, that is a lie). Joseph had his robe torn off him running away. Proverbs 1:15 Do not walk in the with the sinner, Keep your feet from their path. v. 30.

Proverbs 2 Make your ear attentive to wisdom, discover the knowledge of God, and wisdom will enter your heart.

Jesus is the name above every name and through Him, peace will come. God calls us to live above the fray, walk in the truth of His Word, provide a loving hand of comfort to those in need.

by Bobby Pancake

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