Veteran’s Day is a day to say- I see you.

To wander is to move about aimlessly or to stray or get lost. We ought to look and see how our veterans wander and are at a loss for words by pulling out in Afghanistan. The 13 soldiers who died, Americans left behind, supplying the enemy with the ammunition used to kill our citizens who were left behind.

It takes time to look and see the tangible sacrifices that veteran families endure daily. The effects of war on military families are vast, varying, and lasting. We enjoy the liberties today at a cost we are unaware of paid by others who serve to protect our freedoms.

Wondering where to start, look a little deeper to find a veteran that you can support and encourage. Pray daily for honor and peace over our nation’s military, our brothers and sister who are on the frontlines, keeping the peace.

This is how we remember and how we heal. To really stop and say I see you and will listen to your stories.

My Step-Dad: S E Pierce

For my brother, Marcus Bronte, and James Willis Bronte (my Dad-Korean war), Charles Riley, Thomas Ballard, Donald Beel.

1 thought on “Wander

  1. aschmeisser

    Where you see a sylvan view,
    flowers blooming ‘neath the tree,
    I see what I know is true,
    a place, yes, for an IED.
    You see townly roads and streets
    I see sniper defilade,
    and I think we’ll never meet,
    no matter what The Christ has paid,
    for this is now what I am,
    limits set upon my soul.
    This wasn’t in my Master Plan,
    but paranoia keeps me whole
    to come out swinging, with a grin,
    when devil sounds the bell again.

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