Two Score and Three Years

I loved the way Kate began her post today. We have several things in common with the exception of time. It is hard to write four decades. Wow.

At twenty I went overseas to serve as a missionary beginning on the island of Guam to the Philippines and then on a tour into China. The year 1980. I too thought I was going to lead the world to Christ but God had so much more planned.

I shared Christ with a young islander, (every which way, time, scriptures, etc) yet, she never prayed to receive Jesus. I made a friend, think of her and off and on still pray for her. I learned humility.

I lived with a family in the Phillippines and shared their everyday life. Boiling water to drink, watching their daughter studying hard to pass an exam to enter sixth grade. If she didn’t pass, her schooling was over. I learned the value of education. I became a teacher.

When asked what I wanted to eat for breakfast, I suggest an egg. I didn’t know how expensive eggs were. Once I knew I ended that. I remember the family meal of rice, one fish, and pea dish which we all shared from a turn-style from the center of the table. I learned the value of family.

So much of what I write today is still tied to that year. I was in training for the battles to come.

I hope I gave half as much as I received. God’s blessing comes in so many different ways that at times we cannot see. My students would ask why so many people come to America, I replied for the water, it is clean, drinkable, and ready to serve.

So is God’s Word, which is clean, drinkable, and served every day in America under the blessing we received.

My first painting, by RL Brown

7 thoughts on “Two Score and Three Years

  1. aschmeisser

    They come here for the water,
    they come here to be free,
    they come so son and daughter
    won’t fall to slavery.
    They come here in the springtime,
    they come here in the fall.
    They come here, knowing it’s a crime,
    but still they risk it all
    to die in a hot desert place,
    with home so far behind,
    hoping for a simple grace
    and a gentle mind
    that will give, at least, Christian aid
    to those who flee the murder blade.

    This isn’t a political statement; I just think we have to look clearly at the motives of those who’d leave everything behind to reach a refuge, and see them as being a lot like us.

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  2. Lisa Blair

    What a beautiful reflection, Rhonda! I appreciate how you shared your life’s journey thus far…I learned humility as a missionary; I learned to value education and became a teacher; I learned the value of family; all of these laid the foundation for my life…training for the battles to come.

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  3. Jennifer

    Such inspiring and encouraging thoughts/reflections. Lessons learned that last a lifetime…..certainly some of the greatest blessings we have. I will pray that your Guam friend has accepted Christ…or soon will.

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