FMF: View

Nothing new under the sun, not so-
Every day there is something new-
My son with his son 
My daughter (in-law) with her son. 
Love growing by leaps and bounds. 

Long before God established the church (not worship), He established the family. The family is the basic unit of our society. Security, warmth, and safety are tied up in a bundle(s) of love.

8 thoughts on “FMF: View

  1. aschmeisser

    What a groovy picture!

    I never had a family,
    I grew up in the hills,
    knowing I could count on me
    through all life’s turns and ills.
    Ferocious dog was my best friend,
    Bowie knife at my belt,
    but I learned this in the end,
    that it was time I knelt
    and committed to the God
    a hippie told me ’bout,
    a Lord who would take in the flawed,
    and never turn me out,
    and thus did Family come real,
    and thus did I begin to heal.

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  2. riverkath

    Congratulations on joining the grandparent club! That’s a great view indeed, watching them grow into interesting little people. Your FMF neighbour at #18 this week.

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