Being rooted is to be grounded, having a firm foundation. In the parable of the sower and the seed, four types of foundations are given. The good soil is representative of God’s Word. The problem with man is understanding the truth. Truth is pounded by empty philosophy, choke out by the trails of life, or consumed by doubt and confusion.

Being rooted in Truth is not as easy as it sounds. We have the Bible, read it, apply it, and yet, our ears are tickled by empty words and we are led astray.

Last week I heard a pastor explain Genesis in a way that was very different from what I was taught. God’s edit to Adam and Eve was not prescriptive as in a condemnation punishment. Instead, it was descriptive. God was describing the consequences of their action and what was about to happen in the world. The natural order of peace was ripped apart and man was now at odds with nature.

God is revealing the mysteries of the end times, of the secrets of His Word in a way that offers clarity to everyday life and freedom in our spirit to walk with Him.

memories lay curled
tumbled, dark rumble
inner balance skewed 

truth is a plumbline
It does not vary
or shapeshift. 

There is one Truth by which all mankind can survive. Anything else is sinking sand, gets twisted, blown away or lost in the heart of man. 

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