The Ukraine war with nearly 200,000 dead on both sides, plus the 33.000 who died in the earthquakes, so many lost and dying, and yet, we have:
Students at Asbury University — a Christian college in Wilmore, Kentucky — have been praying and worshiping in their chapel around the clock for over a week.

Hope springs eternal means that it comes from the Father above.

The harvest is ripe. We need harvesters, messengers, and prayer warriors- many people need to heed God's calling. God sent us to do His work and His will. We can each do our part and be a part of a great revival before the Lord returns. Can we answer the call that God lays before us? It is different for each of us. Remember, the one thing you do may be the catalyst for the next. 

7 thoughts on “Many

  1. aschmeisser

    The wide world’s gotten real, real bad,
    and maybe it outshines my cancer,
    but this life’s the best I’ve had,
    and that may contain an answer,
    for though my breath comes short these days,
    and Belle the Wolf eats most my meals,
    the truth is standing clear of haze,
    and in its clarity it heals,
    for happiness is sure a choice
    (just look at that poem, ‘Richard Cory’),
    and if you choose to use your voice
    to tell a bold and hopeful story,
    you’ll walk in apostles’ shoes,
    born to win, and never lose.

    ‘Richard Cory’ is a poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson. You can read it here:



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