Behold Him

Behold the Baby in the Manager.
Behold the lamb and shepherds.
Behold, Simeon’s prayer fulfilled.
Behold the gifts of gold, frankincense, myrrh.
Behold the wise men from the East present gifts to the King of Kings.
Behold the amazement of the Temple priest of a twelve-year-old.
Behold the Dove descending on a baptism.
Behold the Father’s voice.
Behold the twelve disciples.
Behold miracles of water into wine, the lame walk, blind healed.
Behold, men’s hearts restored, promised fulfilled.

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Behold the accusation, the persecution, condemnation.
Behold the death of a King, a sacrificial lamb.
Behold broken hearts, loss, misunderstanding.
Behold death, darkness, and dementia.

Behold His Resurrection.

Behold promised fulfilled and promises yet fulfilled.
Behold the ministry of the church.
Behold the restoration of the nation of Israel.
Behold Christ’s return for the church.
Behold Revelations to come
Behold the Second Coming and every knee bowed.
Behold LIFE, LIGHT, and LOVE.
BEHOLD HIM, JESUS, the King of Kings.

Behold Him, Mission House,

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus.

3 thoughts on “Behold Him

  1. Carlie

    ‘Behold LIFE, LIGHT, and LOVE.
    BEHOLD HIM, JESUS, the King of Kings!’
    Yes! So much to behold when we look at God and His work in our world. May our eyes and hearts be always fixed on Him. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. aschmeisser

    Behold the wrack that happened here,
    behold the awful mess we’ve made,
    behold the view that is not clear,
    behold, we’ve done the devil’s trade.
    Behold the ghosts a-roam in sorrow,
    behold the dance ’round pagan flame,
    behold the stolen bright tomorrow,
    behold those never had a name.
    Behold our bow to tolerance,
    behold our weak and flabby will,
    behold the cruel cold violence,
    behold those we’ve allowed to kill.
    Behold the Lamb’s returning course,
    behold, behind Him, hell’s pale horse.

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