June Haikus and Poems

A troubled matrix
dewdrops of torment 
Time spins laughter into memories and memories into laughter.
Summer Solstice

Solstice's rays stretch to reach 
Nighttide's inner boundaries
Summer bows
Nighttide catenates

Germanation of ideas:
chasing the night
unfurl, relents  
sun's rays 
sunrays chase away the night
unfurled, relents

sun rays stretch 
chasing nighttide's boundaries
unfurled, relents  
Summer Solstice

needs solstice in poem to identify purpose
Guess, guess, guess again,
kid-giggles on the inside
guessing games.

Time spins memories 
into laughter
and laughter 
into memories
Troutswirl Submission /July
my grandson, he's twelve now, but still loves to laugh. pic.twitter.com/qoQoA5XVjZ
"Coach Moon confirms the big five will show," says Gally Vant, Earthwatch Magazine Reporter. 
"The planetary team will meet on June 23," says Coach Moon. 
"Will you be joining them this year?" Mrs. Vant asked. 
"Wouldn't miss it," says Coach Moon, " and you shouldn't either."
pathways of patterned sunlight
patterned pathways
speckled sunlight

patterned pathways
of speckled sunlight 
on twisted trails
designed for 
rambling rovers,
giddy gadabouts,
avid adventurers, 
dogged drifters, 
tenacious trekkers.

fun to play with-
Tenacious trekkers travel twisted trails through time.

Twisted trails of speckled sunlight and patterned pathways traveled by avid adventurers, dogged drifters and tenacious trekkers. 
stormy days
torrential rain
evening settles
walk above the clouds

stormy days settle to walk above the clouds
Summer colors vibrate, the wind hums, the sky swishes, and our insides giggle.

a view from a hammock
swaying in the breeze
the hammock giggles
Personification Haiku Dialogue Aug 3 2022

The wind hums
the clouds dance 
soft kisses,
in the cool
listening to the wind hum
watching the clouds dance

the sky swishes

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