July Haikus and Poems

Real magic is the time 
and effort you put into 

The difference between a fable and a fariy tale is that in a fable you succeed by your own efforts. That is the essence of real magic. 
Solstice's rays stretch to reach 
Nighttide's inner boundaries
Summer bows
Nighttide catenates
thunderous speech showers from the sky
pattering the earth's surface
liquid sunshine seeps into the crusty dirt, 
nourishing deep roots. 

Showers of thunderous speech
oozing liquid sunshine
splattering the dirt
Sun captures glistening vapors
snapdragons retreat
pods of rebirth
Seeds are coming early this year.
Hidden in Nature Pic by RLBrown
Hidden in Nature

Dangling treasure
for avid adventurers,
hidden in nature. 
Dangling treasures
hidden in nature
for seekers to find......sought by

Tenacious trekkers
journey through a rarely seen
ribbon of time. 

Wanderers capture
moments of discoveries
and lasting memories.

Capturing moments
of discoveries
and lasting memories.

The patterned pathways of
speckled sunlight guiding
advid adventurers.

As evening wanes
sunlight etches closer to 
twilight's shade

Speckles of sunlight 
Sunlight etches closer to twilight's shade
as the evening wanes. 
emits pastel hue (cool Hue) Pastel hues color the evening sky.

long summer evenings
forrest and child
refuse to sleep.

Fireflies hover
tealights glow
keeping darkness at bay

Cicadas sing
tree shadows creep. 
Silence and night merge.
Yet little ones play in evening's twilight.

little ones frolic 
on moonbeams silvery stream
 till stillness comes.
little ones frolic
under moonbeams slivery
till stillness comes

vanishing, tranformed by a moonbean   ---stars shine, night receds behind the stars. 
light infused into the night lighting a new path
till moonbeam 
cast a sprkled light or an infused ligh
shadows and light play againtill the night hush comes
to pour a sleeping draft,
draws the sleepy eyes 
darkness comes with a peacful rest. 

Night's hush pours it sleeping draft

Life frolics on the moonbeam.
It plays till Night's hush
moves stillness in and
draws the sleepy eyes
shut, all rest. 

{Plays till stillness comes.
The hush of night,
draws the sleepy eyes,
Yet in the darkness
life does not sleep
It frolic till Night's hush
moves in stillness,
all rest.]

Dayshadows shines Pattern Pathways 
on twisted trails 
of speckled sunlight 
patterned pathways
of speckled sunlight 
on twisted trails
designed for 
rambling rovers,
giddy gadabouts,
avid adventurers, 
dogged drifters, 
tenacious trekkers.

fun to play with-
Tenacious trekkers travel twisted trails through time. time turns memories into laughter.
Twisted trails of speckled sunlight and patterned pathways traveled by avid adventurers, dogged drifters and tenacious trekkers. 
Wintry winds
whistling a ceaseless
Haiku Music Challenge
1. sunlight etches closer 
to twilight's shade, 
evening wanes 

2. long summer evenings 
forest and child 
refuse to sleep

Rhonda L Brown - USA

http://stardusthaiku.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html submission instructions
submission - Stardust - August

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