Plague by doubt, belief wavers. A clearer vision may be needed.

Once as a child, I saw a star travel across the sky. I rushed in to tell my parents, but it was gone when I came back outside. They didn’t believe me. It was a traveling star, a sign. I was only six, but I believe in that star. I saw it. As an adult, I saw the movie October Sky. It was then I realized what I actually saw was a satellite.

Once in college, I believe God called me to a year’s service with Campus Crusade for Christ. That summer, I raised financial support all summer and still fell short. I missed the early training, but I still believe I was called. I kept on. I called on the last day to say I did not meet my goal. I was sorely disappointed. I still believed I was called, but I doubted. She told me I had till twelve o’clock, even though I felt it was over. I continued to call. Yes, as you can imagine, I reached my goal by twelve and spent the year overseas serving the Lord with Campus Crusade for Christ.

Have you ever felt that you were not on God’s to-do list? I have. Have you believed wholeheartedly in the wrong thing for years? I have.

Have an answer for you about doubt? I do not. Faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains. How that is true is for each of us to discover.

Faith can be likened to a train with an engine and a caboose. Putting your energy/belief in God and His Word is like putting your energy/ fuel (the coal) into the train engine, and it moves forward. If you place your energy (the coal) into the caboose, your feelings, and not God’s Word, the train doesn’t move. Feelings wobble, constantly change, hurl you forward or hold you back. Emotions should not take the lead; they can spiral you out of control if you weigh yourself with them. We have free will by which we balance head and heart and life.

by RL Brown

8 thoughts on “Doubt

  1. aschmeisser

    Sometimes in error, never doubt,
    that’s the way I chose to be,
    always with a happy shout,
    belief in final victory.
    Now I find myself boxed in,
    things don’t really look too great;
    still and all, I aim to win,
    for losing’s such a boring fate,
    not for one who’s living large,
    a juggler of giant dreams.
    Sure, I know that God’s in charge,
    but it really truly seems
    that He will fain understand
    that I can lend a helping hand.

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  2. Letitia Mason

    Thanks, Bronte. A great image of the engine and the caboose. Tempting to shovel the coal but not fire up the engine of faith. I like Andrew’s poem too.



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