One thing you cannot fake

The worst thing to fake in life is being a Christian. It is not because of name-calling, being dishonest with others and yourself, or for personal gain. It is just because we will all stand before the judgment seat one day. Jesus is the only one who can redeem us/you.

In the end, the one thing you cannot fake is your salvation. It is freely given, and the Holy Spirit calls us to accept or reject God’s gift. The heavenly Father is the judge, and when His Son says I died for you, your sins are wiped away, never to be remembered.
Salvation is genuine or not. God’s truth reveals our sins, and Jesus’ blood wipes our sins clean.

3 thoughts on “One thing you cannot fake

  1. aschmeisser

    Kinda hard to fake salvation;
    it can’t be applied like paint.
    It’s not a thing, but destination,
    and you’re either there, or ain’t.
    Gonna try to fool the Christ?
    Gonna show Him that you’re cool?
    After all He sacrificed,
    He is gonna go old-school
    on all of Your falsity,
    whup you hard right through your pants,
    and then, in generosity
    give you, yeah, another chance,
    ’cause there’s one thing He can’t do,
    He can’t see Heaven without you.

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