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A Pastoral Cacophony

A Pastoral Cacophony

As morning's first blush slips through the mizzling mist, dawn's chorus begins. The woodland world wakes, nestlings fluff their feathers, squish together and listen to their twitter song. 

Blackbirds sing a low mellow tone blending choral notes to a dayspring chant. Red-breasted robins' antiphonal tweets, twitters back and forth. 

A cool zephyr breezes through the budding trees, and a hermit thrush adds a rhythmic woodwind harmony. Chee-pippety-chee-chee, Jenny wren joins in with a light peppy lilt, stepping up the beat. 

Colorful warblers echo a descant as tiny rainbows shimmer in the twilight's dew. A cappella chorus in one voice, sings a spring aria. 

Songbirds greet the morning with a pastoral cacophony. 

"siiih "siiih" "chink chink chink. Suddenly, the tempo changes and the chorus fades. A mockingbird's catcall signals a tail twitching taunt, kitty in the weeds. 

The aria ends with the soft adagio from a mourning dove. 
coo-ah coo-AH, Coo-OO-oo coo-coo-coo. 

Antiphon: alternate singing by two groups. 
Adagio: A tempo having slow movement; restful at ease.
Lilt: a pleasant gentle swinging rhythm, a characteristic rising and falling in the tune. 
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A Haiku: Spring's Aria

Morning's first blush slips through the mizzling mist, 
dawn's chorus begins.

Antiphonal tweets, robins, warblers, blackbirds sing 
dayspring's symphony. 

The woodland world wakes, feathers fluffed, nestlings listen,
to their someday song.  

Blending choral notes, blackbirds add a mellow tone 
to twilight's day-song.

Chee-pippety-chee, chee-chee, 
Jenny wren joins in with a peppy lilt.

A rainbow shimmers in the morning dew, 
colorful warblers echo a descant. 

An a cappella chorus singing a spring aria,
songbirds unite. 

“siiih, siiih" “chink chink chink,"
a sudden signature change, the sunrise song fades.

A blue jay's catcall signals a tail twitching taunt,
kitty in the weeds. 

The aria ends with the soft adagio 
from a mourning dove.

perch-coo, coo-COO-coo,
coo-ah, coo-coo-coo,  
Antiphon: alterrnate singing by two groups. 
Adagio: A tempo having slow movement; restful at ease.
Lilt: a pleasant gentle swinging rhythm, a characteristic rising and falling in the tune. 
kitty in the weeds
bluejay's catcall
a tail twitching taunt #HaikuSeed taunt

Morning Coffee

Coffee (or tea) can mean something different to each person. For some people, it is the aroma that wakens the morning senses; for others, it is downing the first cup that kick starts the day. For others, coffee is the elixir necessary for clarity of vision. without it, the newspaper would be useless. With all its sensual clues, one still has to acclimate to coffee’s bitter taste. But once you find the right blend, coffee is your friend.

Morning coffee is a bit like life with all the sweet, savory, bitter, sour bits, and yet when blended with the perfect pairing, satisfying. (Coffee and a donut)

Time to tie that morning coffee with awakening to God. Life is full of flavor, emotion, sight, sound, and meaning. Walking with God in the light of His Word brings a perfect pairing to healing old wounds, finding a grateful attitude, a sense of worth, and blessings during trials. Bitterness, saucy tongues, doubt, and more will be a part of this life but God’s Word is the perfect pairing to counter life’s bitterness.

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Spring Showers

Spring sings,
“Birds, sing your morning song.
Praising Him to whom we belong.
Wind, blow the seeds.
Loam, provide their needs.
Clouds water the flowers.
It’s time for God’s showers.”

We sing the Singer’s gospel message, praising the one who saved us. Holy Spirit is our guide to plant the gospel message in another’s heart. God waters and causes the seed to grow. Spring calls us to sing His gospel message.

I moved my younger brother into a nursing home. He is my brother, but the burden was heavy. It made my heart sad. Yet, he had a remarkable recovery from the time he entered till I left.

The word the last week was easy. It was not easy to pack up his belongings, clean out his home, essentially his life, and store them. Yet, it reminded me not to put store in the things of this world.

We let temporal things measure the sum of our lives. Yet, the sum of how we live has an eternal value.

Spring Sings! By RL Brown

Spring Fling Contest 2022/ revised for another submission

     Winter howls at Spring like a middle schooler's biological clock clanks. 
     "It's too early," Winter yawns.

      "Autumn has arrived in the southern hemisphere,"says Sun.   

     "Not yet." Winter flops back, adding another blanket of snow. 

     "Cold moon will be full soon." says Spring. Winter loves to hangout with Cold Moon on the longest night of the season.  

     "Okay, I'm up." Winter sits very still, blowing another winter chill. 
    "Come along," says Blizzard. Winter stands and stretches.
     "I see you've been at work. A resplendent day in pastel hues," says Winter to Spring.
      "Thank you, Winter." 
Bowing gracefully, Winter whispers, 
     "See you next year." 

     Spring smiles at Sun, "It's time to melt the crusty earth and direct your rays to tickle the fertile dirt."
     "As you wish," says Sun and bows to stir the sleepy earth.   

    Spring sings! 
"Zephyr, carry the seeds far and wide. Loam, provide their needs. Seeds, shed those winter coats. Nightcrawlers, dig underground moats. Clouds, let loose April's showers, so 
May can bring forth bouquets of flowers!"

"Zephyr, carry the seeds. 
Loam, provide their needs. 
Cloud, let loose April's showers. 
May send bouquets of flowers!"

The Hummingbird

Trouvaille Review, March 23, 2022 Publication 

The Hummingbird

Swiftest things that run the world,
Hums and beats, their wings unfurled.
Hummingbirds need constant fuel.
Brilliant blooms attract this jewel.
Forward, backward, upside down.
These dashing (feisty) fliers zip around.
Golden flowers brilliant blooms
Entice birds with shiny plumes.
Blazing Star to Geranium,
Coral Bells to Delphinium.
Flower meadows, patchwork plots,
Scattered seeds in local lots. 

The Afghan Thirteen by RL Brown

The Afghan Thirteen by RL Brown 

The pulse is weak,
life's vanishing vapor,
Thanatos grins when
breathing ceased.

Death's grim triumph-
of the Afghan thirteen,
fallen, betrayed, 
left behind. 

A country's demise 
by the hands of a few 
won't be forgotten. 
America's heart bleeds.  

Hope hurts and hope heals, 
shattering the grip of hate-
past and present repeat. 

Carry No More

Tears flow deep,
watered by roots of despair.
Let them grow no more.

Breathe the sunlit air.
Uproot weeds watered by tears.
Heart stirs, plant anew.

We plant roots deep in His Word, 
our faith in Jesus, and 
hearts atuned to the Holy Spirit 
then let God carry our burdens.  
Tears flow deep within
nourished by roots of despair.
Breathe the sunlit air
uproots weeds watered by tears
As your soul stirs, plant anew.
“Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord,
And whose hope is the Lord.
8 For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters,
Which spreads out its roots by the river,
And will not [a]fear when heat comes;
But its leaf will be green,
And will not be anxious in the year of drought,
Nor will cease from yielding fruit.
Jeremiah 17:7-8


Reach into the world of words,
to find clear insight. 
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Time for my morning stretch and run, now walk, oh, it’s too cold today.

Time for my morning quiet time, how about some music today, I forgot too…

Time, oh I have lots of time as an empty-nester- time to clean out those closets, the garage, procrastination…

How do I stretch my time, I used to get more done…My heart is just not in it anymore.

Yard work, now my shoulder is hurting again, should’ve kept up those PT exercises.

When we let things go for other things, sometimes we lose our flexibility, our stretchability. It is not lost, just needs our attention. Faith is the song that calms the restlessness inside of me. (From a song but I changed the words a bit.) Sometimes we get restless, the loss of time with our church family, not as much time with friends and family, the constant bombardment of news, both fake and real.

God is there and ready to stretch me (us) in new ways. It is time to stretch and yet, not forget or let go of God’s foundational Truth.

As I work to maintain my strength and daily walk, God continues to stretch me in new ways. I’ve been writing stories and poems, and every day I see His blessing, his walking beside me as I struggle. I am not a natural writer. I have to work at it. I read the word for today, and as usual, start with a blank slate.

There are things God wants to be said through me, so I stretch my reach into the world of words, meditate, contemplate, scratch out, rewrite, double-check for grammar, (always, hate putting a comma before and. It’s like saying and-and). Then I post.

For me, I need to keep my old faith muscles stretched and active. At the same time, stretch new ones.


Commitment comes in all shapes and sizes. Some promises are short-term, some last for a season, and some are life-long. Long before God established the church, He formed the family as the basic unit of society-big or small. Our society grows, values develop, and traditions are passed on from the family.

Author unknown

Commitment does mean everything is perfect. The work to keeping a relationship begins on your wedding day. It is the day you said, I do, to a life-long commitment. Marriage is filled with life and all the happiness and sadness in this world. It is working to keep it alive and going and protect and shield it from the negative impacts of this world.

By RL Brown

Trails and Trials

I can remember switching letters and numbers all my life. I even wrote a poem, Why do Letters Move? I am working on a short story about a child, Rex, who hates to read out loud.

Trials come, no matter what trail you take. Each road has its own set of troubles. Some trials pierce the heart, leaving you desolate and some trials are faced with the determination of the fiercest warrior.

Hiking in AR

Trials produce endurance which brings about the perfection of your faith. James 1:2-3 and Romans 5: 1-11. Romans 5 is the full progress of being justified by faith-peace with God-our introduction-hope-perseverance-reliance on God through the Holy Spirit-saved from wrath- we are reconciled.

[Excerpt: In today’s world one’s voice can get caught up in many types of whirlwinds, instead of the stillness of God’s spirit. I am guilty of being politically stirred, seething over general and personal attacks over my Christian beliefs, and taking offense at the vitriol of people who have a great disdain for the gospel. Jesus did say they hated him first. ] This type of trial is of my own making.

But some trials I face along my path are not of my own making and are beyond me. Facing trials is not the same as temptation, and do we do face consequences because of our choices. Some hurts go deep and your faith is greatly shaken. Faith hope and love work together to heal the heart. I don’t have answers just a bit of hope.